6 Enemies😡 Of A Human

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We are beings on this planet who have to win over our limitations and so we have to make every effort to get our enemies off our way to success. So, like the wise say, know your friends well, but know your enemies better. Furthermore, all your enemies are interlinked. 


A lot has been written and said about anger. Many prescribe exercises that keep your temper in control. However, many still find it difficult to control their anger. What you need to understand is that nobody, however close or distant, knows what triggers your anger, but for you. The superficial reasons that we give to justify our anger are not valid and carry no significance when it comes to relieving you from anger and frustration. Anger can be a result of lack of patience, getting irritated too often, physical and mental indiscipline. For many that get angry it becomes for them to get back to a state of rest and further getting angry too frequently not only shows defects in your attitude but also reflects immensely on your health. Hence learn the art of controlling your anger, realise that this emotion is only going to bother you and increase your problems. That is why this is the first enemy of a human. 


We feel jealous of others because we find a way to feel bad about what we do not have. Our negative emotions are so strong when we are jealous of others we don’t realise that we are creating some excruciating pain for ourselves. Why feel bad about what others have achieved, instead let’s feel good about ourselves and if we are so taken aback by what someone else is doing then we should take that emotion positively and be inspired and probably try to achieve the same for ourselves. Hence give up on jealousy and keep yourself motivated and positive to be inspired by what others are doing and not feel jealous of what they are doing. So, kill this enemy and your progress is sure to happen.


We have it all but still crave for more, why? Our stomach should be full after we eat what we have earned, then why not be contended? Instead we are unappeased and keep wanting for more. Learn to be content with what we have and to not be greedy for things. Always believe in the thought that you will rightfully get what you deserve, nothing more and nothing less. People make many wrong decisions when they are greedy and often lose what they have too. Hence, you should never be overcome by greed for anything. The nature of greed as a virtue is such that it is sure to destroy you. Greed is born out of a sense of arrogance and lust for power and wealth and hence do not succumb to greed. That’s the third enemy every human should be away from. 


People that are around you for a reason. Unless and until there is a reason, no one will come to you. You need to understand that whether you agree with it or not, there is no justification for you to be arrogant or rude to anybody for any reason. On the contrary, as educated humans we need to have the liberality and wisdom to understand other people’s limitations and let go of what they do out of ignorance. If that sounds utopian, then we shall at the least try to not hurt anybody in any circumstances for words hurt more than swords and the wound will always be remembered. Push arrogance out of your path and you are sure to win and life, in its true beauty. 


Delusion is your state of believing things that aren’t true, it is absolutely fine to dream but to be deluded about things is so not the way to be. For instance, you might be weak at a certain skill or in performing a certain task, to believe that you are brilliant would be delusion. Similarly, we must understand that we cannot be perfect at everything, even though we must strive for perfection every moment of our life. But to think of oneself in such a way that is far fetched from reality is what delusion seeks. It does no good to you, keeps you in a bubble that is sure to break at sometime and it stops you from progressing. Hence, as humans with aims and ambitions and a purpose in life we must keep ourselves away from delusions and accept reality no matter how tough it is. Because that is just the way to be. It is reality and realization that leads to profound happiness and abundance of joy. Let us all let go of this enemy in order to progress and prosper in life. 

The enemies of humans are all interlinked when you are greedy you get deluded, when you are angry you get arrogant and when you are jealous you get angry and so having one of these virtues means that you are inviting all of them to live in you. Hence, do your best to keep all of your negative traits at bay. 

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