5 ways to communicate better with your partner

5 ways to communicate with your partner

Have you ever thought about how your partner and you have different communication styles? Did you ever have trouble talking to your partner? Communication is the key to a long-lasting relationship may sound like a cliche but that is the most effective way to build a happy and understanding relationship. 

A healthy relationship is a ground for your partner and you to blossom. It helps you not just in your love life but in other aspects of your social and personal life by creating a positive balance for you. Having an unhealthy relationship disturbs your work life and social balance if proper boundaries are not set. Here are five ways you can adapt to have a better relationship with your partner

Understanding- The key to enhancing your communication with your partner is to understand verbal and non-verbal cues. Try noticing what could be triggering for them and adopt a better way to communicate. It is also necessary for you to explain your boundaries to your partner without being raspy about it. 

Clarity– Don’t try to hide anything you want to express. Be clear and honest about your feelings. This will keep you away from misunderstandings. Being passive-aggressive while trying to communicate your feelings may be considered sarcastic or rude by your partner turning it into a misunderstanding. 

Healthy arguments– Having a blossoming relationship doesn’t mean agreeing with everything they say to avoid conflicts. Sometimes, healthy arguments let you communicate clearly and express your emotions. This also gives you an insight into what your partner expects from you and what you expect from them. A healthy argument doesn’t just limit to your love life, it could also be about fun things like the choice of your drink or a movie you would want to watch together., 

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Ownership: To own up to situations and always try to be the bigger person in the situation. This helps in easing out any unpleasant feelings. It takes a lot of patience to sometimes own up to your mistakes and apologize. Identify when you went wrong and take ownership of the situation before it daunts your relationship. 

Know when to stop: It’s very easy to flow with your emotions. You need to know when you are crossing the line and learn to accept your partner’s limitations. You do not want to be overbearing in a relationship, know the limitations of your partner and be on the same page. 

Maintaining a healthy relationship is not a task you should achieve, it is for you to make healthy life choices without disrupting your peace and personal space. 

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