15 simple tips for a happy pregnancy

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‘Life’s biggest miracle is the gift of having a life growing inside of you.’

Pregnancy is an important phase in a woman’s life. It brings the joy and excitement of welcoming a new member into the family. Every pregnant woman looks beautiful because of the light she carries inside her. It is said by Scriptures and Science that the emotions and thoughts carried by pregnant ladies impact the growth and development of the child. These thoughts and emotions generated during nine months of pregnancy also create the child’s personality and character after taking birth. Such is the impact of a pregnant woman on her baby.

The pregnant woman’s body goes through many changes in the nine months of pregnancy to accommodate the new life growing in her. Not all these changes are comfortable, though. It is common to go through issues like morning sickness, tiredness, vomiting, constipation, back pain, etc.

So, in spite of all these changes, how to go through pregnancy peacefully with a smile and enjoy this miracle? Here are 15 tips to help you in your pregnancy phase.

15 simple tips for a happy pregnancy:

1. Listen to good music: Music has a profound impact on both baby and mother. Positive music helps in the healthy brain development of the baby. So, listen to uplifting music every day. Make sure that it has only positive lyrics and does not carry any abusive words. Words carry power, and negative words carry negativity. Here is a collection of wonderful music CDs meant for the pregnancy phase.

2. Eat healthy and tasty foods: Plan your meals well and eat foods that are healthy and tasty. Food is a great nourishment and gift of mother nature. It is important to eat nutritious food during pregnancy for the growth and development of the baby. And when this nutritious food is tasty, it brings joy. So, eat such healthy and tasty foods mindfully.

3. Read enriching books: The kind of books you read during pregnancy plays an important role in brain development and character building of the child. So, read biographies and autobiographies of great people and books related to Science and technology. You can also read wonderful scriptures that help you connect with the divine. Such enriching books help the child shape into a great personality with a sharp mind. Avoid any kind of suspense thrillers, novels with abusive language, and negative characters.

4. Create a positive environment around: Decorate your home with the colors and objects that please your eyes and heart. Surround yourself with beautiful paintings like paintings of nature, a happy child’s face, etc.  Also, keep the energies of your home positive by burning incense and playing beautiful mantras. The positive environment around you helps you stay positive and brings positive vibes to the baby.

5. Have a personal mantra: Mantra chanting reduces fear and anxiety. There are many mantras in existence. Choose any mantra that appeals to you and repeat it mentally or physically while doing your work. Whenever you experience fear or anger or sadness, chant your personal mantra to come out of the negative state.

6. Visualize positively: It is common to carry fear and worry about the moment of baby delivery. But our body works the best when we are not fearful. So, everyday spend 5 minutes in positive visualization of your delivery moment. Visualize that you have effortlessly given birth to the baby at the right time in the perfect environment, and both you and the baby are healthy. When you visualize positively every day, your fear and worry are minimized, and your body prepares for the moment positively. Positive visualization improves the chances of having a smooth delivery.

7. Attend prenatal yoga classes: Yoga is an excellent way to keep your body and mind healthy and strong during pregnancy. Prenatal yoga classes are yoga classes tailor-made for pregnant women. Below are the benefits of these classes.

Pregnant women yoga

1. Reduce stress and anxiety

2. Increase the flexibility and strength of the body

3. Decrease back pain

4. Improve sleep

5. Help the body recover faster after delivery.

8. Prepare for birthing process: Fear and anxiety about the birthing process come when you are unprepared and don’t know what is going to happen. So, take some time and get educated about the birthing process from a trusted source. When you understand what is going to happen, you are better prepared for it.

9. Be joyful: Yes, pregnancy is a phase with many changes inside the body, and it’s challenging to be in high spirits. But try your best to be joyful. Do activities you enjoy, like painting or singing or reading or meditating. Do whatever makes you happy and feel joyful. When you are joyful, feel-good hormones are released in your body, and they greatly help in the growth and development of your baby. This is the reason why elderly people suggest pregnant women to stay happy.

10. Connect with the divine: Every day, spend some time in prayers or meditation and make it a point to connect with the divine. Feel the peace within. This gives you great inner strength and calmness to go through the journey.

11. Communicate with the baby: Yes, your baby can listen to you, understand you and experience your emotions even though it is still in the fetus state. So, communicate with your baby every day. Tell your baby wonderful things about life. Every day, have a storytime with your baby and tell some wonderful stories. These conversations make your baby feel and secured in your womb.

12. Spend time in nature: Mother nature is our divine mother who nourishes us through her blessings. So, get these blessings from her by spending time in nature. Spending time in nature brings joy, health, and positivity. You can walk in a nearby park amidst greenery or watch Sunrise at least once in a week.

13. Walk together: Pregnancy is a journey that a couple should walk together. So, involve your husband in prenatal classes, communication with the baby, and other activities. Make beautiful memories by walking together.

14. Be active: Pregnancy is not a disease or a disability. It is a beautiful phase of creation. So be physically and mentally active as much as possible. Walk around, do your everyday work at a gentle pace and take good care of yourself.

15. Practice gratitude: When you practice virtues like gratitude, kindness, compassion, etc., during your pregnancy phase, these virtues are impregnated in your child, and the child carries these virtues into his/her life. So make it a point to practice gratitude every day. You can have a gratitude journal and write all the things you are grateful for in your life

These are the fifteen tips for a healthy and happy pregnancy phase. 

One of the key aspects of the divine is creation, and a pregnant lady is very close to this aspect of divinity. Celebrate this opportunity. Take good care of yourself and stay happy. Enjoy this beautiful phase of life and make the most out of it.

Stay blessed! 

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