11 ways to express your love


Love is one of the most beautiful emotions. Generally, when the word love is used, many people think of romantic love. Romantic love is only one form of love. There are many more forms of love, like loving one’s parents, grandparents, children, friends, self, and even strangers. No matter with whom you share the love, love enriches both the giver and receiver. Such is the beauty of love.

Now, just loving someone is not enough. Expressing love is also important because unless we express the love, the other person cannot understand our love. Love needs to be expressed. So, how to express love? We can express our love through our actions and words.

Here are some ways to express love towards our loved ones.

1. Tell in words – The importance of loving words is underestimated by many of us. We think expressing love in actions is enough, and words are not needed. But words that express love are powerful and make the other person feel loved. So, don’t be shy to tell your mother that you love her. Your loving words will bring smiles and joy to your loved ones.

2. Write a letter – Many people think love letters are only for lovers. This is again a misconception. Love letters can be written to anyone whom you love. When you take the time to write a letter, it shows your care and love for the other person. And this love letter may give courage and hope to your loved one during tough times. So, just write a letter to your loved ones telling how much you love them. 

3. Give time – Time is a very precious thing in life. It’s much more precious than money. We humans cherish memories and feelings. So, give your time to your loved ones and create beautiful memories with them. Be there for them. Listen to their stories, have conversations and make them feel loved. Yes, we are busy, and finding time becomes difficult at times. But have a scheduled time with your loved ones at least weekly once for something like movie time or fun time at home. During this time, just give your time to your loved ones without any social media distractions.

4. Express gratitude – Our loved ones do many things for us, and most of us take these things for granted. Many times, we don’t even take time to appreciate and thank them. Make it a habit to express gratitude for all the things your loved ones do for you. It could be a very intimate relationship, but don’t be shy to express your gratitude. Everyone deserves to be thanked. So, thank your loved ones generously. You can write a gratitude note. Your simple thank you or a gratitude note makes your loved ones feel happy and loved. 

5. Appreciate them – A simple word of appreciation can light up anyone of us. Everyone wants to be appreciated and valued for their work. So, be generous in appreciating your loved ones when they do something good. Your appreciative words nurture them and help them grow. Your appreciation gives them confidence and encouragement to do better. Next time your spouse does something nice, don’t forget to appreciate your spouse.

6. Give a helping hand – Our loved ones might be doing a lot of work in a day and stressed out. Just see if you can share the load and give them some relief. If not every day, at least once in a while, give them a break. This gives them breathing space and brings them joy. This also makes them feel that there is someone who notices their hard work.

Helping hand

7. Listen patiently – Sometimes, in life, all we need is someone who can patiently listen to us. So, give this gift of patient listening to your loved ones. Don’t interrupt them. Just let them express themselves and understand their concerns and feelings. Listen to them without any social media distractions or calls. Give undivided attention to your loved ones and listen patiently.

8. Pamper them – Irrespective of our age, we all have a child within us. This child loves to be pampered. So, pamper your loved ones with something they love and enjoy. Maybe a nice foot massage or an exotic dish or a candlelight dinner – choose anything that pampers them and make them feel special and happy.

9. Touch – A warm touch like a hug, kiss, pat on the back – all these are wonderful and simple ways to express our love. We all need the magic of touch. So, express your love through these gestures. Many feelings can be expressed in that one affectionate hug or kiss.

10. Be kind – Kindness is an expression of love. Be kind towards your loved ones. Practice random acts of kindness towards them and light up their day. Some ideas for random acts of kindness are – send them an unexpected message expressing love, give them a surprise gift for no reason, just appreciate them for who they are. These are some acts of kindness you can practice towards your loved ones.

11. Give gifts – Giving gifts is also a great way to express love. You can gift something your loved ones appreciate and feel happy about. You can gift for some occasions like birthdays, wedding anniversary, etc., or even for no reason. No matter what gift you give, don’t forget to express love through your appreciative words and magic touch. Always remember to add the human touch to your gifts.

These are some ways to express your love towards your loved ones.

Don’t forget to express love towards yourself too. Self-love makes us feel joyful and valued. Self-love is an important aspect of life, and it needs to be expressed too. Pamper yourself with gifts, compliments, gratitude, and appreciation. Take time to think about your good qualities. Acknowledge your hard work. Take care of your personal needs and value yourself. Before we expect others to love us, let’s do it ourselves first.

Wish you loads of peace and love!

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