Independence and Freedom: The Rights We Enjoy

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Independence and freedom are two liberating terms. In Fact we have seen nations fighting for their own independence and freedom because every entity deserves it.

Let us dive into what independence and freedom means to us and why we should enjoy our rights rightfully. When we enter this world, our parents are our everything. We are dependent on them for everything. When we reach a certain age we tend to feel like we can do everything ourselves and that is independence. Freedom is essentially doing things without any sort of influence, at your free will.

This freedom and independence also brings with it responsibility. Anything that you do has a consequence and that consequence needs to be responsibly taken care of. 

Here are five reasons why freedom is important 

  1. It develops individuality 

Any person will not know his or her capabilities until they are left to do it by themselves. You have to jump into the pool to know if you can swim or drown and when you finally learn to swim, you will understand and appreciate yourself better. Individuality is a very important trait because it gives birth to innovation and creativity that makes each one of us unique. As people, we must learn to stop taking advice and guidance step after step and we must learn to pursue our decisions independently. This will make you feel confident and will make you a successful person. Parents should encourage children to make their decisions themselves. Spoon Feeding should be stopped after a certain age, because it can make the child accustomed to such step by step guidance. So much so that they will lose their sense of individuality and it will be difficult for them to understand the independence they will get in thor future. 

  1. Makes you a valuable team player 

People who think freely are the ones who are given complete freedom and are independent of any factor. When your mind is free, it works wonders. Your true capabilities are shown and you enjoy it fully. This quality is what most people look for when they hire you. They want you to think freely for the company and garner good results. An independent thought fuels from absolute freedom and is a very strong tool. This quality should be inculcated in children too. They should be asked questions every now and then. Schools should initiate a lot of thought provoking assignments that will further encourage them to become independent thinkers.

  1. An understanding of other people with compassion 

We lack this understanding. We all have become such complex people ourselves, that we can never see beyond our problems and issues. Most of our misunderstandings happen because we do not understand the other person and we choose to just look into our problems. Independence of thought and in action is the route to wisdom. When you think freely you develop opinions that define you. This makes you wise and you become compassionate towards what other people are going through. You know you are wise, when you understand others’ anger as their foolishness. This kind of an attitude is what will make you stand out. 

  1. What should not happen in the name of independence and freedom

Today, we see people doing things as per their whims and fancies because they feel they have the freedom to do so. This is a worrying attitude and we must be careful. Doing things with a vision and purpose behind, validates your freedom and independence. However, to misuse the independence and bother people around you is something we must discourage. We need not bear unnecessary tantrums by people because that is bothering our independence. We should also not allow people to talk to us in a way that bothers us, this happens when they feel they have the freedom to do so. We should also not let people influence or force us to make decisions that we have not thought about. Learning how to say no is an essential skill we must possess. . 

Independence and Freedom are rights we enjoy in our land and we must practice them rightfully. If we look into it more intrinsically, we will realize that being independent and having your freedom involves far more responsibility in thought and action. Let us all learn and identify traits that help us enjoy our independence and freedom to the fullest

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