How to start a gratitude journal?


A gratitude journal is a hope for new miracles in your life. A gratitude journal, as the name suggests typically seeks you to write about things and experiences that you are really grateful for. You can be grateful for the simplest of things. For example, you could be grateful for having your favourite dish for dinner or you could be grateful for some amazing friends you have and so on. 

The main intent behind maintaining a gratitude journal is to make us realise the worth of everything that we have in our lives and keep us away from taking everything for granted. When you point down everything you are grateful for, you are mentally thanking. Research has shown that this exercise can improve your overall well being and can change the way you look at your life.

There can be no perfect way of doing this. You could make your own way of maintaining a gratitude journal.

However there are a few points that you can consider. 

  • Clarity 

Whatever you write down, write it with clarity. Do not miss out on any detail. For instance, if you are grateful for something that happened in college or at work then mention what it is exactly. It could be a class or a meeting or somebody complimenting you or a meal you had or anything else. But mention specifically what it is. Your gratitude is more effective when pointed out with clarity and specificity. 

  • Focus on people 

We are free to express our gratitude for everything and anything. However, focusing on people can improve your relationship with them. Point out the experiences that make you feel grateful and write about what you adore and appreciate about the people around you. This way you learn to see the good in others and maintain positive relationships that last a lifetime. 

  • Write about the negatives you escaped 

Our life is a mix of positive and negative experiences. In your gratitude journal mention those negative experiences you escaped or successfully overcame. You will feel grateful for what happened. The negative experiences make us look at our lives from a new perspective. The lessons you learn from challenges are valuable. 

  • An Everyday Exercise 

Maintaining a gratitude journal is a part of your everyday routine. It is not only for your good days. It is understandable that we do not feel equally happy and motivated every day. But we can definitely find things to be thankful for every day. So, irrespective of how your day is,  write about the smallest things you are thankful for. It will make a world of a difference. 

  • Maintain a time 

To ensure that you write in your journal every day, allot a time. It could be just before you go to bed or early in the morning or even during the day. Set aside those 5 minutes every day to write your gratitude journal. 

  • Repetitions in the journal

You might feel like you are writing the same things again and again. This is absolutely fine. It is possible that you are thankful for the same things every day. However, do make the effort to think of new things. Looking at things with a new perspective with more gratitude is what a gratitude journal urges you to do. 

  • Dig out incidents from the past 

There are a lot of experiences that we would have faced in the past. Surely there are some instances that make you feel grateful even today. Make space for this too in your journal. It could be a story back from when you were in college or a childhood experience. Each of these experiences strikes a chord with your heart and truly deserves to be written in your journal. 

  • Make it interesting 

Instead of just writing things down, you can make your journal interesting. You could include some photographs, do some doodling or even decorate the journal. Make it as attractive and as interesting as you can. It should pull you towards itself every day.

A gratitude journal is a book that attracts positive energy and gives you more reasons to be grateful. Our lives could be monotonous, but there are experiences, big and small, that make a difference in our lives. The gratitude journal is your hope for a positive tomorrow and teaches us to learn the value of all that we have.

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