How to improve the quality of your life?


At the onset, let us celebrate and welcome 2022 with our arms wide open. Here’s hoping that every day of this year brings with it a reason to be joyful and gives us the opportunity to serve our purpose. This new year means a lot to each one of us, it rekindles hope, gives us new energy and instils in us the spirit of confidence and optimism. So, let us face and embrace 2022 for all that it has for us. 

In our day to day lives, there is one very important feeling that we all must experience. That feeling would be the sense of satisfaction. Satisfaction is a force that drives us to do more of what we did. When you are satisfied, it means that you have done the task rightfully and therefore it has enhanced the quality of your life. 

Doing one task and feeling satisfied is way better than doing ten tasks and still feeling unsatisfied. The quality of your life is very important when it comes to determining how happy you are. One must live a very satisfying and gratifying life in order to experience life in its true form, to the fullest.

  1. Concentrate in every task that you do

Whether it is watering plants or drying clothes, eating food or presenting to a client, washing vessels or helping your child finish their homework, do it with 100% concentration. Devote yourself completely to the task you are currently doing. Do not let any interruption or disturbance sway you away. A high level of concentration gives you a higher degree of contentment and therefore sharply improves the quality of your life. 

  1. Be a person of substance 

Do not do things for the sake of it. We all have our likes and dislikes and we must do what truly makes us feel happy and not what makes us fit into society. Remember, you are born to differ and hence stick to what you like. This mentality makes us good and knowledgeable at what we are naturally inclined to. We become beings of substance and value. We start valuing ourselves, for we have that kind of knowledge and skill. When our mind and body is used to the fullest for what it really likes to pursue then we experience true gratification and this improves the quality of our life. 

  1. Unaffected by the surroundings 

This doesn’t mean to me to be indifferent or to be selfish. This means to be unaffected and undeterred by what is happening around us. Divine incarnations who have presented themselves on this earth are known to have portrayed this quality. Let anything happen around you, you stick to your true self, your values and your beliefs. Let the world go topsy-turvy, but you stick to your inner being because that is what will sail you successfully to your destination. This is another important virtue that keeps you closer to who you are and adds immense value to your life. 

  1. Sense of control 

It is said that the people that are the most successful are the ones that know how to control and resist. They know how not to give in to temptation and this adds to their calibre as a successful persona. This improves the quality of your life. The resistance towards something builds up a very strong mindset. This gives you the ability to gauge things even in the midst of chaos. It gives us the ability to access situations at a time where it seems too difficult to do so. So, learn to resist and control yourself. This will take you to places. Another virtue that improves your sense of control is your patience. Be patient and have faith that things will turn out in your favour in the end.

  1. Learn to enjoy

What is the point of leading a good quality of life, if you do not know how to enjoy it? If you have a Sunday to yourself, enjoy it, do all your leisure activities and rejuvenate yourself. Go for the holidays, enjoy yourself with your friends and family. Talk to your friends regularly, because their suggestions and advice give us some relief. Learn to enjoy and rejoice in life without any guilt and you will see how the quality of your life continues to improve and gives you the wisdom that you can give to future generations. 

Improved quality of life is the solution to many problems that we all have. Work out your way with the help of these tips and live your life to the fullest. Inculcate these tips in your routine life and you will see the difference. To a life full of satisfaction and joy. Here’s hoping that all of us have a Happy 2022!

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