How to battle the ill-effects of classism in the society

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We are living in a world of ambitious people. Everybody wants to earn more and fulfil their economic, political and social ambitions. Our dreams drive us to achieve more and more. However, we all differ in our starting points. Not all of us are born into privileged families. Some are born in underprivileged families, some are born in middle-class families, while others are born in upper-middle class or rich families. This basic economic classification is a reality of our society. In most cases, this decides your friend circle, your stature of living, your lifestyle, education, quality of life and more.

While we cannot possibly decide where we start, we definitely have opportunities to change things for us enormously, at the same time there are pitfalls where we can fall into problems and miseries. But a mix of highs and lows is the reality of life and it is inevitable. 

However, there is a lot of unjust happening with all of these classes, especially from the other classes. Many poor people are judged and unfortunately shamed for their lack of etiquette and culture. The middle-class people are smirked or mocked upon for their desire to become rich and the elite class too are on the receiving end of slack. Their problems are often viewed as first world problems. In a way, they are underestimated too.

We present a few tips on how to enhance relationships across classes 

  1. Respect everybody as equals

Our law ensures equality for all. People have strived for this equality for decades. Whether it is your maid who comes home to wash dishes or the cab driver who drops you at the office, your boss, the CEO of your company or the office boy of your workplace, all of them deserve to be treated with the same respect. Just because some of them come from underprivileged backgrounds, we should not take their emotions and sensitivities for granted. Yes, there can be times where you might have to communicate strongly if work is not done, but that can be done politely too. Many people are seen justifying their misbehaviour as “ Talking to them in their language” which is totally unacceptable. We all must realize everybody deserves respect the same way.

  1. Age old stereotypes 

There was a time in history when people were not only divided in class but also in caste, in the race, in gender etc. Further even professions were decided according to these definitions.

However, we have accepted the change that we have seen thereafter. So, any age-old stereotype is to be discouraged for they do not hold any value in today’s time. People are free to move across careers and they deserve to be treated equally without discrimination. 

  1. Do not shame people for their economic status 

Each and every person’s economic status is subject to so many realities. We do not know what battles people had to fight, what circumstances they had to go through. We do not know the realities of many people around us. So, we have to understand that we can never afford to make people feel bad for their economic status, neither in front of them nor at their back. The middle class usually faces an array of socio-economic problems but we cannot underestimate or blame them for their problems. As privileged people many might still not be willing to help, but all of us need to be sensitive to ground realities.

  1. A sense of compassion 

The true measure of success is when we have true compassion for the people around us. We are able to understand problems and we are doing our bit to resolve issues, that instinct if present in each one of us can make a world of difference. Many middle-class people feel that the rich unnecessarily make a show of their problems. Money’s not everything in life. What you have at your home is probably someone else’s dream. Even the rich and privileged are human beings at the end of the day and they too have their set of battles to fight. It would be unfair if we judge them for their situation. 

  1. Friendship across classes

There might be multiple classes with multiple issues. But, there is only one world, where we all live and co-exist. All of us are completely different from each other. However, we still have to work together to make our lives meaningful. Let us all pledge to break the wall of difference and discrimination and be more accepting of each other. That way we can help each other solve problems with good solutions and attain the ultimate aim of complete equality.

In the past many people -due to their economic superiority- have taken advantage of the vulnerability of the people of lower classes. Class differences are a reality but class discrimination is wrong and it should not be encouraged in any society across the globe. Let us all walk shoulder to shoulder with compassion and generosity towards all. Here’s to an equal world.

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