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On the occasion of International Yoga Day, let us all embrace the benefits of yoga in our lives and its increasing necessity and importance in the current lifestyle that we all have. 

Yoga essentially is an age-old practice to bring in a sense of balance and peace in an individual for him or her to live an elevated state of life. An elevated state of life means a life that is more fruitful than the one you have and so one must think of yoga as a practice that brings in abundance of changes by asanas that bring in balance in posture and mental equilibrium. 

It is a matter of pride that the United Nations recognises the 21st of June as the International Day for Yoga to raise ample awareness on the benefits of the practice. This year the theme is Yoga for Wellness. Hence, we all must make an effort to imbibe yoga and asana practices that benefit us in the longer run. 

Many texts even suggest that there are more difficult and intense practices that sages practiced in the older times and that yielded them benefits more than ever. Today’s challenges are different. We might not be able to practice to that extent but certainly can learn the asanas, understand the benefits and enhance our way of life. 

Below are a few well-known benefits that yoga has on your mind, body and overall well being. 

Peace of mind

Yoga has breathing exercises and meditation. Both of these control your mental and physical system. When you are consciously breathing, it has a calming effect on your mind and with practice your wavering mind will gain focus. This improves your concentration, your attention span and your mind is alert to take up the tasks for the day. It gives you a refreshing feeling and you are pumped up yet balanced to perform the tasks of the day. Hence, under the guidance of a yoga practitioner you can learn the right ways of meditation and some fruitful breathing practices. In the longer run this really helps you and keeps mental or psychological illnesses at bay. 

Every part of your body is stretched and activated 

Yoga asanas are devised in such a way that every asana has a purport behind it. Some asanas focus on your legs, while some focus on your back, some are for your neck and others are for your torso. Hence when you practice a series of asanas everyday, then every part of your body is activated and this movement and practice ensures ample blood circulation at every part of your body and therefore keeps a lot of ailments at bay. People who practice yoga everyday are known to not have any diseases or conditions and people who take up ever a little later get rid of all their health issues. Yoga holds immense power of healing and keeps you in good health all through your life time.

Emotional Stability and Balance

We are all surrounded by stress and overwhelming situations and the need of the hour is emotional stability and balance. We have got to be balanced and composed in all the decisions we take and be emotionally stable. The breathing exercises have a very good and lasting impact on your mood and emotions and hence many yoga practitioners will confirm it when you ask them the benefits yoga has in maintaining a balanced mindset, control over your emotions, flexibility in thought and practice and lastly a good emotional quotient. 

Weight loss

Yoga is meant for overall wellbeing but there are so many intensive asanas in yoga that help you reduce your weight. One classic and known practice is the surya namaskar  practice, where a series of asanas are done together and are repeated multiple times and this helps you reduce your weight. Experts testify to the benefits of this practice. Adding to this there are a lot of other exercises that are meant for certain parts of your body and so if there is fat accumulated in a certain part, the asana helps you burn that extra fat and will keep you strong, agile and flexible. 

Beautiful Process

Every yoga session is planned from normal asanas to intense and then high intense asanas and then again asanas to calm you down. Yoa channelizes and makes the best use of your energy and by the end of the practice you are rejuvenated. The sava asana which is consciously resting every part of your body is as beneficial as any asana. Hence, yoga has a process unparalleled to any exercise or sport. 

These are a few benefits of yoga that make a difference in your life. Embrace these practices and pledge to transform your life and keep it open to numerous possibilities. 

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