Why the celebration is good for us

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Why is celebration good for us?

Celebration, the word brings some endless joy and memories we cherish for the rest of our lives. We celebrate our victories, we celebrate festivals, Holi is just around the corner. In our life celebration is that crowning ceremony where we pat our backs for reaching milestones. 

Here are 7 reasons why we should celebrate occasions in our lives

It keeps us happy: Happiness is a natural virtue that occurs to you when you celebrate. Be it any festival or any occasion of success, you know you have to be happy when it is time to celebrate. Your mind automatically switches into a zone where you are simply happy. This is such an important lesson to learn. Celebration teaches you that you are at your best only when you mentally manifest that you are happy. It is not the new clothes or special dishes, it is you who decide to be happy and are therefore happy. Imagine, if you did this every day, you’d truly live the sentence of “Every day is a celebration” in its true spirit. 

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Celebration is good for our health: Our hormones, our blood pressure and all our health conditions, all seem like they have gone. It is because you are truly happy with what you are doing. Your back doesn’t hurt roaming all around the place, you don’t feel like you’ve developed gas because you ate your meals late, your cheeks don’t hurt and aren’t tired of giving that blissful smile. What does it all say? It simply means that celebration gives you that gratification and contentment which makes you feel better and therefore live better. Your health is in your hand, it is more of a mental attitude rather than a physical consequence. You decide to solve it and it will be solved. You decide to complicate and it will be complicated. 

A major stress buster: Your stress is an accumulation of all your tensions over a few days. The day you celebrate your success, all the stress melts down like ice in the water. It all seems to have gone. The celebration could be a get-together for a festival or a family holiday or a visit to a resort or celebrating a major achievement at work. They all bust your stress. So when you feel like you are too stressed or you just can’t take it anymore, then, remember it’s time you unwind, relax and celebrate. It gives you that energy to get back at your task, better and stronger. 

Distraction from regular chores: We all look for that one day we are so content and excited. Probably the day we meet our friends or the day our efforts give our returns etc. Celebration is your chance to distract yourself from the regular chores. It gives you the distraction and diversion that is long pending. When you attend your cousin’s marriage or meet your friends after a long time, you’re distracted and you feel relieved. A feeling we all cherish and crave for. So, if you find even a tiny moment to celebrate, celebrate it to the fullest. 

Spiritual well being: In many ways celebration is food to the soul, food to the spirit. We can all recollect those mystically happy moments of our lives where we are so happy that our face beams with that shine, our body is devoid of its limitations. We cherish those moments so much that we find ways to relive that and these thoughts become a part of our cherished memory. A suggestion here, meditate on these memories, hide them in your deepest thoughts and never forget them, always look out for similar situations and you will soon realise that more and more moments in your life are worthy of the best celebration. 

Realise how far you have come: In our lives, we need moments where we can look back and cherish how far we have come. We need to pat our backs and remember that “yes, we’ve made it this far and we can get ahead too” celebration gives you that reason to measure your journey of success. When you share your stories with your family and friends on these occasions you realise your strengths, you realise that you have made it so far with your own grit and determination. 

Cherish relationships: Every relationship in your life is a reason for you to celebrate. The world has a population of zillions but only a few become a part of your life. Not everybody is a friend. Your fate has decided that a few of them are your world. It is all the more reason for you to celebrate and cherish these beautiful relationships, your family is chosen for you by your fate, your friends are a blessing to you, they support you in places where your family cannot be everywhere. Therefore, celebrate your relationships, you know they are a boon. 

Celebrations are important. All the above points may look very idealistic, but, they are true and give you a reason to be optimistic and cherish your life to the fullest. It is always said that the biggest of sadness should not be given even a little attention, but, the tiniest of happiness should be celebrated in full pomp and show because it is multiplied manifold. Therefore, your moment here, your people are here. Celebrate the festival of colours and relish these special moments forever. 

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