Why has the meaning of love changed?

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Love and relationships today strike a very different chord among the youth. In Fact, it would not be surprising to witness most of them feel bad when they hear about love or relationships. Many today have succumbed to experiences that are not very comforting to remember and hence they associate that memory with that term. 

Have you ever wondered why something so beautiful impacts society in ways we cannot imagine? Why are the youth of this nation, upset and are always in search of something and why was this not the case a couple of decades ago?

The impact of media

Social Media has always been the agenda setter. Popular cinema has carved out so many love story narratives representing different age groups from teenage to young adults to middle-aged and even older citizens. While so many of these narratives give us a very strong sense of what love is, it also misrepresents love. Misrepresentation as in, showcasing extremely glorified ideas like giving lives or taking someone’s life for the sake of love. In some cases, it also represents the love between two people in a way that anything and everything that happens is fine, even if it is unfair for one of their counterparts. 

The Indo-Western approach to love and marriage

We are all falling prey to western culture, which is in the perennial quest to redefine global culture. The predominant Indian idea of love had a very strong sense of commitment and devotion towards each other, while there is no space for unjust or unfairness to creep in, there is also flexibility in terms of how someone can fall in love even after having a bad experience. Pre-existing social norms facilitate remarriages and today it is even legally fine. Now, when we come to the western culture, they too find their counterparts and love. But for some unfound reason, unfortunately, the number of divorces is higher than it is in India even today. It would be very absurd to link any increase in the breaking of marriages here with the influence of western culture. However, it could leave one thinking. One reason that we could all see in front of our eyes is the erratic and stressful work culture that leaves people with very little time for their spouses. We have been moulded to work in such conditions by our western counterparts so much so that when a man/woman in the western can peacefully enjoy their weekend with the children, a similar man/woman cannot afford to do the same without taking calls and messages. This culture has in many ways determined love life after marriage.

Youth and love

These two terms go so beautifully together. When you are young and thrilled to be in love, the world seems different, raindrops look beautiful, a pleasant whiff of air seems heavenly and the simplest of times with the person you love seems thrilling and enjoyable. But what is going wrong here, why aren’t relationships making it to marriage. This is something we all have to retrospect and shed some light upon. Not because people who fall in love once, do not fall in love again. But because it alters their experiences with love for the rest of their lives in strong or mild ways. A strong experience, good or bad, always becomes the benchmark or the reason for insecurity moving ahead. This essentially means that a new bond will have a preexisting weak thread that will potentially die or a high level of expectation which can be difficult to match and that is a reason to worry. Hence, the youth should understand here that each one of us matures at our own pace. We all are brought up differently and we all grow up to be different, while we can be friends with each other, we should never try to get ourselves to do something we naturally cannot. There are high chances of peer pressure from your friends or the pressure you create yourself because probably all your friends are dating or in love and you are not. The only way to outgrow this is to be mature and trust your timing. If you have found your love, then great. If you haven’t, then only remember that better things take a longer time.

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world and if you have fallen in love with someone and you receive the same, it is great. However, we must respect the fact that for this to happen with each one of us, it takes time. We cannot be influenced by false ideas in the media or foreign cultures. As a society, we have carved our own culture which is suitable for the youth and the older citizens of the nation. Yes, there are some judgmental people out there, but we have to learn to look beyond. Further, as young people, we must learn every small thing in life, for your teenage and youth won’t come back, but your love will certainly last forever.

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