Why Choose Yoga Over Gym

Yoga Over Gym

Have you ever thought about why people prefer Yoga over Gym? Have you considered that hitting the Gym is much more beneficial than practising Yoga? Then, here’s why you would have to reconsider Yoga.  

Yoga is an age-old practice in Indian culture. It has been practised by rishis and yogis over many decades and the benefits of practising Yoga are not unknown to mankind. A common misconception people have about Yoga is that you don’t lose as much weight practising Yoga as you do by going to the gym. Let’s bust this myth and learn more about the benefits of Yoga and why it is beneficial to your body than your regular exercises at the Gym. 

The benefits are towards your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Yoga benefits your internal organs and detoxifies your body from within. Practising Yoga helps you in being mindful and enhances your spirit with positive energy. Meditation is also an integral part of Yoga and it enhances your spirituality and cleanses your body and mind. Practising yoga brings in a sense of relief and eases to your body that helps with having a refreshing mindset for the rest of your day.

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Yoga is Efficient

Unlike the gym, when you practise Yoga, one does not have to practise different exercises for different body parts. Practising yoga strengthens your core and core muscles while practising any yoga-centric poses we use our core for stability which promotes the strengthening of muscles, weight loss, flexibility and stability in the body. 

You can practise yoga anywhere you want

Yoga can be practised at the comfort of your home. You can complete your exercising with just a mat and some space enough for your stretching asanas. Whereas, when you start exercising at a Gym, you must need all the equipment present in your gym as well. And in situations where you might not be able to hit the gym, you miss a day’s workout. 

Yoga is kinder on your body

Yoga helps in building heat and loss of weight without causing any constraints on your body. You do things that your body is enabled to do and do not force yourself to lift weights and strain your body. This doesn’t mean that yoga is not intense, it’s just that Yoga does not strain your muscles and core to cause pain, rather it causes some relief and releases tension. 

It is economical

Yoga is a simpler way of living life. You don’t need to pay a hefty sum of money for a gym membership and not notice any change in your physical body. With Yoga, you notice changes in your mental and physical body without having to spend that much of your money. You can practise the majority of Yoga exercises by yourself after watching some videos or learning about new asanas. But, not all asanas should be self-taught and experimented. A little guidance is always suggested for asanas like Ashtanga Yoga. 

As you now know the benefits of starting prepping yourself to more workout and body benefits with yoga. 

Here’s to a new healthy you!

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