What is IRRITATION and why should we not let it happen?

irritation reaction

Simply put, it is just an emotion like all the other emotions. However, it is mentally and biologically not good for you. Irritation is a smaller invitation for bigger negative emotions like anger. Hence, we have to nip this emotion in the bud, so that it is not successful in making you feel angry. 

Let’s look into what causes irritation. Irritation can be internal or externally induced, sometimes you get irritated because you are unable to do things the way you want to do and at other times you get irritated because somebody bothers you with their actions or words. However, even irritation caused by others impacts us because we don’t have the strength to ignore it and look ahead. 

There is a solution for all of this and more. It is in your hands to change the way things impact you and if you take full control over it and do not let situations govern as they wish, you will be able to successfully emerge from this. 

Below are a few tips to get over irritation 

  • Stay away from unwanted interactions with people: We have experiences from the past that let us know what enhances our mood and what deteriorates it. We know the people that make us feel pleasant and the people that ask us questions that irritate us or remind us of something that is unpleasant. Try to keep away from such people as much as possible, because they are used to being like that, but you should win this battle smoothly by ignorance and strength. The ideal situation is to be unaffected by what someone says to you and prepare yourself in such a way that you always have a balanced state of mind. However, it is not easy to get to that stage and until then we should avoid such conversations. 
  • Stay conscious and distract yourself: We as human beings have the quality of being aware and conscious about all that happens with us and so we should try our best to distract ourselves when we know that we might get irritated. This could be any simple exercise like counting numbers backwards or seeing some pleasant video or reading a book that makes you feel better or listening to music. It will be a little difficult in the beginning but eventually you will realise that it has done good for you. Whenever you feel like you are getting irritated suddenly, try any of these and you are sure to get over it in a shorter amount of time 
  • Accepting realities: We all want to become perfect in all that we do, which is good. But, it is not essential that this happens everytime right? We have to accept that there are times when we cannot do our duties as usual and this doesn’t mean that we have to be upset and get irritated. Let yourself be, accept that everything cannot and will not always function the way you expected it to be. Make wisdom your best friend and you will see the world with a different perspective, this will ease your stress, calm you down and make you more cooperative, patient and realistic in nature.
  • The link between mind and body: Many people today are prone to multiple lifestyle diseases that make them feel irritated and trouble them all the time. Well, as people who do not have any health problems we must understand what the other person is going through and let go of them. If you are facing health issues then you must learn to keep your mind and body in control. If your mind is not in balance, then it will definitely add to your problem. Take help of yoga, mindfulness and meditation which keeps you calm and composed. Further, a healthy routine is extremely essential for you to stay free of irritation. Simple things like lack of sleep, inadequate food/overeating, extreme physical exertion or extreme laziness, all of this can also cause irritation. Hence, keep the balance that life seeks. 


Emotions are common, our day to day routine and stress can lead us to some irritation. However, we cannot let this happen in the long run. Because getting irritated or angry can lead to multiple physiological problems that complicate your health. Hence, losing your cool for trivial or serious issues is not worth it. Let the situation be whatever it is, you keep your mind calm and composed. Let the world around you go topsy turvy but you remain calm and composed. For the person who has followed this norm is equated to the ultimate power. 

From now on let’s take a pledge to follow everything to keep our senses calm and composed. Let’s stand for wisdom and change. Our perspective towards irritation should change for the betterment of all.  

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