Water: Our way of life!

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Water sustains this planet. The geography of the earth is such that three-fourth of it is water and one-fourth is land. As humans of this planet, water is the core of our existence and our way of life. 

Background and Importance

In the earlier times, life was possibly not as complicated as today. Therefore, the health of a human being was naturally taken care of. Today, with industrial and technological revolution the primary focus is towards money making and living the luxuries that come with it. With time we have learnt to cope with our health, understand and educate ourselves with the demands of our body and mind. Water, understanding its usage, its benefits and the need to ensure that you let the water cycle be active is a responsibility that lies on our shoulders. 

Water, today is beyond the textbook definition of it, which says it is used for drinking and other day to day activities, found in the oceans, enables a water cycle and so on. Today, the definition is more environmental and is spoken as a resource more precious than ever. It is about climate change, a major part of sustainable development, about geopolitical boundaries and issues, states and countries around the world are fighting for their water resources. 

Health Benefits

Think of any unexpected situation such as a time where you were shocked about something, a time when you possibly slipped on the road, a time when you danced your life out, a time when you are really tired after a long walk, all you get after each of these situations at that very point is a glass of water. Why? Because, this water is the core of your physical functioning. Your body is about 70% of this magic fluid called water.

Water is the key for skin care Your skin gets its natural tendency to glow when you have enough water in your body. Hydration is key to skin health and therefore regularly drinking water at least about 2-3 litres a day is a must. Many of us may not feel all that thirsty, but there are multiple applications available online that remind you to drink water. Make use of them until you do not get into the habit of doing so. 

Drinking water also helps you in evading a plethora of disorders. For instance, dehydration is often linked with stones in your kidney. Even issues like blood pressure control, cardiac issues seek good water levels in your body, Drinking water regularly can solve a number of health issues at the same time not drinking water regularly can lead you to illnesses that are difficult to handle. 

Today, many of them are on diets to reduce their weight. Drinking water before your meals, drinking water in the form of juices and other fluids, drinking water early in the morning are all proven methods that enable weight loss. 

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Excessive drinking of water

Water, by nature, is harmless. One will never hear somebody say that water is not good for your health, unless a person is going through a peculiar illness.  However, just like anything taken in higher measures causes imbalance, excessive drinking of water for unrealistic diet regimes can cause harm to you. Overdrinking of water is supposed to have reduced the salt quotient in your body which leads to certain biological problems. 

Drinking water is a very natural habit, it is inevitable. When you feel thirsty you drink water, the more thirsty you are, the more you end up drinking water. While it is good to regulate this habit by pushing yourself to have a little more water, it is not suggested to over drink the water and reach a state where you invite medical complications. 

Water Hygiene

While water is the most precious element of life, it is also the best carrier for all sorts of bacteria. All the more dangerous because you wouldn’t know this when you are consuming it. It’ll show its effects in a given period of time, causing you unwanted trouble. At times, it causes minor health issues and at other times it can prove to be severe also. Therefore, always use a filter or an aquaguard or just boil the water thoroughly and then drink, this ensures that if at all any bacteria is present, it’ll be done with or filtered out.

How to regulate the drinking of water

Measure your current intake water. Take medical consultation and find out if it is enough for your body or is there a need to increase your intake of water. Avoid drinking in public places. Avoid buying bottles that do not appear trustworthy. As far as possible, try carrying your home water in a bottle, because you know it is from the right source. Keep a tab of how regularly you drink water, use mobile apps or just keep a reminder on your phone. These small steps will definitely lead you to take a positive step towards a healthier lifestyle.

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