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All of our days, however different they might be, they still have something in common. We have a routine that we follow irrespective of anything that might happen and with this routine comes a list of challenges that might arise from time to time. Small rifts and tiffs in your daily routine can cost you in the longer run. We always get that feeling where we feel like easing our routine. In fact the secret to a successful life is a successful routine, that helps you work towards your goal a little everyday. Hence, we have to learn to keep all the problems at bay for us to get ahead in life successfully. 

  • Always start your routine with manifestation: Manifestation is extremely powerful, it is indeed the change making agent in your life. When you manifest, you make an affirmation that makes the impossible possible. This is exactly what we require in our lives, to make our dreams that seem impossible, happen. Manifestation over a period of time brings in confidence and clarity. For you to manifest something you must give up on pessimism and be optimistic, for once believe that the magic will happen and then the difference you see is going to be unbelievable. So when you get up in the morning, have a glass of water, go to your favorite spot in the house and make your manifestations you could write them or you could mentally think about the same. You get a wonderful start to your day and what starts well, ends well. 
  • Find out what bothers your routine: The problem is not that we have multiple challenges to face, the problem is that we do not try hard enough to recognize the flaws. It is only when you observe and recognize what is wrong, will you be able to fix it. If you do not know where the hole in the water pipe is, how are you going to fix the leakage? Problems in our routine are similar, you have to make an effort to recognize the issues that make your routine rough and incorporate habits that will help you enhance your quality of life and living. The issue can vary from the wrong company to a stressful job or even something as simple as laziness. What matters is that you resolve and recreate the same routine for your own good. 
  • Take out time for yourself: The more we age the more are our responsibilities and the lesser is the time we have for ourselves. Remember the time when you were a kid? You were carefree, your mind was free of unnecessary thoughts, you were thriving on lively experiences and blissfully enjoying the simplicities of life. Yes, it would have been lovely. But why can’t we recreate the peace of mind, for a little while every day? Taking out time for yourself gives you the peace of mind you rightfully deserve. It is a mental relief from your regularities and gives you the time to retrospect your life, your actions and gives you the scope to rejuvenate and relish your achievements so far.
  • Do not bottle up anything that doesn’t belong to today: Our lives are significant to us and so are the events of our lives. Each of these events matter and leave us with a good memory or good experience or teach us a lesson. However, as important as it is to remember these experiences, it is equally important that we do not bottle up ourselves with these experiences, especially the sad ones. We should leave ourselves empty for new experiences every day. If we are so full of the past how would we keep ourselves prepared for the new experiences that wait for us every single day. Therefore ensure that your mind has only the lessons and good memories of the past and not unwanted experiences that keep you so occupied that you are unable to enjoy the new experiences of life. Keep the bottle empty and everyday shall be new, refreshing and enjoyable.
  • Do not have regrets: Many say that we should live everyday as if it is the last day of our lives and it is rightly said so. Hence, everyday remember that tomorrow is a possibility and is not guaranteed and hence if you have to enjoy something do it today, do not push it to tomorrow. If you have to forgive someone or ask for forgiveness, just do it and get ahead. Because time flies in no time and your ignorance should not become regret and so the time in now, do it at this instant and you will feel a lot lighter and better. 


Our routine is our way of getting ahead in our life. We make it work out everyday so that we accomplish our goals and fulfill our wishes. Each of our wishes will be fulfilled only if we work on our routine in a way that enhances our quality of living and brings us tremendous satisfaction, gratification and joy. 

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