The Simple Essentials of Body Acceptance

Body acceptance

Body Acceptance has been a foreign topic for many years. People couldn’t understand that we could like our body no matter what or how we looked. One main reason for having troubles with accepting our body or having any body image issues is the wavelength of BMI at which we fall. Body image is also largely dependent on our race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality. 

Acceptance of our body is a very objective topic, it is about us being OK with our body. It involves being able to recognise and understand that our weight or colour doesn’t define who we are as persons and that we are not in control of how we look but about how we perceive ourselves.

body positivity

Simply telling you that you need to accept your body isn’t going to work for anyone. This process involves steps that make you resilient for the journey ahead. Making these small changes will help you in gaining self-confidence and enhance the ideology of your own body. 

Up until you reach the phase of not trying to alter your appearance, it is hard to lead a healthy lifestyle. Body Acceptance promotes prioritising your food choices with the essential changes you make in your life rather than on dietary choices that would result only in weight loss. But, your body needs to be prioritised based on the nutrients it requires and still manage to be healthy. 

Emphasize on attaining your goals in a healthy manner. It is equally important to feel joy in your physiological and psychological mind, as that makes you take up weight loss much more as a journey you want to go on rather than an essential you must be doing. Misconceptions about being happy in your physical body just because you lose weight are very common. But, body acceptance doesn’t come when you feel you lost weight. It is rather about being healthy and keeping balance and we help you with just that.

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