The Importance of Digital Well-Being

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Our life has transformed ever since the digital space came into being. Today, our entire world relies on the digital. Whether it is your personal social media or watching videos and movies on the internet or chatting with friends. We rely heavily on digital spaces.

We also cannot deny that due to the amount of content available on the online platforms it is hard for us to restrict and more often than not we might also get addicted to simply scrolling on Instagram or we might also be negatively impacted by the content shared by our online friends. The way they showcase something about their life might trigger emotions in you. However, we must know that what the camera captures is never the reality and even if it is, the reality we live in is far different. 

There are many influencers online who set false standards of beauty, fitness and diet, which is not necessarily the case with us and hence drawing a line and ensuring that we are not falling prey to the negatives of the online media is something we have to be extremely careful about.

Here are a few tips to ensure your digital wellbeing

  1. Do not sleep to your phone

This is something many of us do and it leads to harmful circumstances in the future. Watching a movie on your phone or blatantly scrolling can deeply impact the quality of your sleep and can also give seed to unpleasant thoughts or dreams involuntarily and hence do not sleep on your phone. The best way to avoid this is to pick up another alternative habit, a substitute for this habit. If you are into reading then you must keep a novel by your bed. Even if you aren’t somebody who reads, pick up comics that you would like. There are other activities like board games that can help you sleep or even listen to pleasant music. But learn to say no on the phone.

  1. Set timers, alarms and controls that contain your usage. 

Many phones have these features. You can go there and set a time, after which an alarm will ring, reminding you to stop using the app for the day. To know how much you use a particular app, you can check the app usage. You will be surprised to know how many quality hours are wasted simply skimming through random content. This will also make you realize the time you have for pursuing purposeful tasks. 

  1.  Do not stop using social media or any other application. That’s not the way out. 

Regulation has always been the sky. Further, there are high chances that you need to be on certain platforms for professional and personal communication. In case you decide to permanently stop the usage of a particular app, you are keeping yourself away from information that might be important. Digital platforms carry important information and also facilitate productive networks that can shape your future and so you cannot stay away from it completely, but learn to use it for its good and keep away from it for its ban.

  1. What is digital space not meant for?
  1. It is not meant for dietary and fitness suggestions.
  2. You do not decide how beautiful or not good looking you are based on the pictures/videos you see here.
  3. Not meant for genuine long term relationships.
  4. Not meant for credible financial transactions (Trustworthy payment gateways alone can be trusted)
  5. Not meant for putting someone down or insulting people on public platforms 
  6. Not meant for invading privacy 

What is it meant for?

  1. Expressing your mental thoughts and feelings
  2. For sharing a slice of your life with the people you want to
  3. For sharing your work details and achievements, as you wish
  4. Maintaining bonds with friends and other acquaintances. 
  5. Watch and read, books and videos and similar content that might interest you
  6. Using every platform as a step you progress in academia and career. 

5. Try to not use much at the weekend 

Weekends give you some excessive free time that you might enjoy. But you also tend to spend more time online. While it is great to catch up on a movie or a web series or even spend a lot of time on a social media app, it still takes away your time from the other pleasures of life. If we think about it, using all of through the week gives you the break you need between work and household chores. But on the weekend the situation is different, you have time to enjoy and rejuvenate. Do not try to spend it on your phone and laptops. Firstly, it adds on the screen time, which is already high, because you spend at least 8 hours every day watching your laptop screen, why do that on the weekend? Secondly, it kills your resting time, when you are on your phone, you are actually mentally active, you might feel distracted but not at rest. Thirdly, there are so many other pleasures of life that we are missing on walking in the park, visiting a guest or a friend, heading to an actual restaurant and enjoying the food with the ambience, attending a music show or even spending a day in the nearby zoo or an amusement park. If you think about it, there are a lot of things that you might have always wanted to do, but you haven’t. Take out time on the weekends for all of this. 

Digital well being is a very important part of our lives. However, it should be only a part of our life. We have to take specific care and precautions as to how we regulated our time because its usage in today’s times is inevitable.

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