The Benefits Of Music


At the onset, let us pay our respect and reverence to the legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar, for her profound contribution to music. Her voice shall continue to reverberate and mesmerize us in the years to come. The Nightingale of India has left us, but her spirit will continue to stay with us forever. 

Music, is the magic of life. It is a mystery how some chords of an instrument can touch our hearts and change our moods. We can relate to a song because of the emotion. We can cry, laugh, and dance just by listening to a song. Music can elevate your mood or remind you of something uncomfortable. It has inexplicable power and we should use it to improve the quality of our lives.  

  1. Sing a song and live a day long 

Now, the first thing we all will think about is the fact that all of us are not singers. Not all of us have a voice that can sing in tune. That’s absolutely fine. People with good voices are anyway enjoying the benefit of singing. It is your turn to reap the benefits of singing. Singing releases the stress held up in your mind and heart. When you sing your mind and body are completely devoted to the song and therefore any negative thought that is present is instantly removed. You will enjoy the thrill of the tunes and eventually you’ll find this to be one of the best ways to lighten up yourself. Our life is meant for happy and joyful days and music makes you meet this goal.

Imagine a stressful day at work and then you are scheduled to come home and join for a family dinner. The one thing that’ll surely cheer you up is a round of singing. Search for Karaoke for any song you wish to sing and you’re set. 

  1. Reduces Anger 

Anger management is a huge issue today. People today are less patient and instantly angry over petty things. Anger is a virtue that can never do any good to anybody. It’s primary motive is to ruin your peace of mind. Music on the other hand has the potential to ease your stress and calm you down. 

In the hectic work environment today, it is possible that you get angry a little more than often. What you should do the next time you feel angry is instantly plug in your ear phones and listen to an instrument or a soothing song. Thus holds the capacity to calm you down. 

  1. Boosts Your Confidence 

Have you noticed how every fashion show has music playing in the background? It is this music that boosts the confidence of the models to carry the clothes designed by the fashion designer. So, music too holds the capacity. Whether you’re singing or listening to music, you are sure to feel a lot more confident. 

So anytime you feel low or you had a bad day, just play a song that can cheer you up and you will surely end your day with a smile. 

  1. Connects to your soul

Music is exceptionally powerful. If you keenly notice there is nothing without music. Nature is full of music, the singing of birds, rain drops hitting the earth, the dry leaves of autumn falling with a gush of wind, they are all natural tunes of nature. Be it a movie or a news show or a web series there is always a track playing in the background which is called the background score. That determines how you feel about what you’re watching. Even a scary movie is scary only because of the heavy tunes in thr background. Just try watching a movie without the background sound, you will not get half as scared. 

Music connects to your soul and so you should keep yourself connected to it for enjoying the feelings of bliss. 

  1. “I have learnt singing, but I don’t have the time to practice” 

There are many people who have brilliant voices and yet they choose to not sing and reap the benefits of the same. This is a loss and probably a big one. If we have the talent, we should ensure that we pursue it at our own scale. It is not a confusion to become a professional, but you should sing to make yourself happy and cheerful because you can do so. 

Music is a gift of nature to humanity. If we inculcate it in our lives it will surely bring enormous benefits and change your life for the better.

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