The Beauty Of Age

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Ageing is a natural process. All of us show changes mentally and physically as we age. However, there is a very common misconception that ageing is bad or there is a very strong need to hide your signs of ageing. Many people tend to lie about their age for they feel that it will give everybody the opportunity to judge. 

Ageing is typically the true nature of the planet, everything has a time period. The tree might last hundreds of years, but still there comes a time where it dies and eventually a new tree grows there. Ageing is the proof of wisdom, it shows the hard work, the efforts you have made over the years. Hence, you have to learn to embrace it gracefully and you shouldn’t shy away from doing so. 

  1. Every age has its beauty 

Age is just a number, but every number has its beauty. Just like we enjoy our teenage and youth, we must enjoy our age when we are middle-aged and when we become old. Just think of it, did it ever matter to you what age you were when you were in class 4 or 5? No, right! Similarly, it should not matter what age you are when you are in your 40’s and 50’s. What probably makes us conscious is greying hair or some age-related health issues. But, learn to accept everything for what it is. Ageing is not a curse or sin, it is a reality. Prevent yourself from health issues, not from ageing. Many skin and cosmetic products take advantage of this insecurity and sell products with tag lines of “ Hide the signs of ageing” or “Look 20 and 40” and so on. You look 40 and 40 or 60 and 40, how does it matter? What matters is the fact that you respect yourself and understand your body for what it is. Every age has its beauty, learn to enjoy it.

  1. Ageing is not a barrier

“You are too old to start a new job” or “It’s too late now” are phrases that we often hear. There is no law that states that you cannot start a new career at 50. Ageing is not a barrier. It is proof of the experience. Everything you do in your life gives you a certain amount of experience. If you are middle-aged, think that you have that extra advantage of experience, that is what your age stands for. Your age is not a barrier. 

  1. Ageing stereotypes

People often judge others for clothing, behavioural traits, habits and so on. Phrases like “Oh isn’t she too old to wear a dress like that” or “Why does he dye his beard and moustache we know he’s 76” these judgemental statements should never be taken seriously. Honestly, it is your choice, whether you want to ride a bike at 70 or walk into a party with a dress you like. It’s your life and so you live it, just like you have thought it to be. Always remember, your choices are based on your likes and dislikes, not on the basis of what others think is suitable for you. You know your struggles and you know the happiness you rightfully deserve.

  1. Physical signs 

Physical signs can be a little disappointing at times. Those wrinkles on the face or the double chin that is hanging, or the loss of hair. In reality, one should not be bothered by it, because it is natural and it looks beautiful on people that embrace it. The skin of your grandmother or grandfather is so soft and tender that grandchildren love it. Physical signs of ageing are actually beautiful and it is the whole portrayal in the media that makes it feel like ageing is not cool. Ageing is perfect, natural and totally worth it

  1. Understanding yourself

At the end of the day, we are all different human beings, with different experiences. We have to understand ourselves for our experiences and situations. If we have had a very struggle some life, we have to enjoy all our unfulfilled dreams later in our life. Our needs and wants are not based on our age. It is our fate and choice. Hence, we should embrace our lives happily and age gratefully. 

It is worth it!

Happy Ageing!

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