The Art of Finding Happiness Around Us


The world right now feels very strange as we fight against a deadly virus. The world was stalled but it is slowly getting back to normal. But this sudden shift in the paradigm has been quite challenging and overwhelming for most of us. During such an uncertain time, it might get quite difficult for us to keep up with the pace around us. Now, alongside dealing with this globally affecting pandemic, we have our own struggle and hustle in life to deal with. And all this together may lead to causing stress, sadness, tiredness, a lack of hope, among many other states of unpleasant emotions. This is why it gets very important for us to understand that we have to take out time from our rapidly growing life to sit back, relax and stay happy and healthy, both physically as well as mentally. The idea of happiness is something that we are very well aware of. Yet, at times, we find it difficult to achieve the state of being happy. But if we put more effort and plan better, we can find happiness within and around us. Let us try and understand the art of finding happiness around us

A Never-Ending Cycle

Adam Smith, a brilliant economist, also known as the father of economics, has stated in his theory of human wants that, ‘the natural resources available in nature are limited but the human wants are unlimited. Human beings cannot fulfill all their needs because the resources are not available in abundance when compared to their needs. But a particular need of an individual can be satisfied. For e.g. If a person wants to sip tea, he can satisfy his need for a shorter period. But he cannot fulfill his unlimited needs.’

We have to understand that as human beings we are bound to have the need of wanting more and more in life. When we desire something and we get it somehow, we do feel satisfied but it doesn’t last long, and we immediately feel the need for more. And this is an endless cycle of increasing human wants and the state of feeling unsatisfied. 

The biggest aspect of feeling happiness is understanding our wants and needs well and practicing being content with what we have. It may sound difficult but with understanding ourselves more deeply we can figure out how we can get better at it. The more content and satisfied we feel with our current life and its facets, the more we will find happiness and joy in life. And if we keep practicing it, we will definitely keep getting better at it. 

The Constant Things

We might have many things that make us feel happy. It can be a new car, lunch at a particular restaurant, fancy clothing wear, but these do fall under materialistic things that may or may not always be reachable or accessible to us. But there are things that we can always find around us that would stay intact for a longer time. For example, a beautiful sunset, a lovely morning spent bird watching, gazing at the stars in the night, etc. It can be anything, even experiences such as a good hiking experience, playing a sport, dancing to our favorite music, going for a swim, traveling and exploring new places, or maybe reading a book. 

There are always things around us that can make us feel happy. It’s just that we have to understand ourselves a little better, put in some effort, and find things around us that would release the dopamine hormone, also known as the ‘feel-good’ hormone, in our brain. And this way we can find happiness around us. 

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