Skin Care for your Holi!


Are you someone who has always loved playing Holi? Do you get excited when you see the pop of colours during Holi? But, do you get worried about the aftermath that the colours do to your skin? Worry no more! We’ve carefully curated a list of things you could do pre and post Holi for your skincare regime. 

Holi, the dynamic celebration of tones is practically around the corner, and we can’t resist the urge to celebrate! Arrangements have effectively begun in each family. From scrumptious indulgences like gujia, malpua to bhang ke pakore to loading up on colours, the Holi fever has set in. However, amid all the fun and cheer, we frequently neglect to deal with our skin which merits the greatest consideration during this time. These important skincare management tips are what you need to follow immediately to deflect frightful skin issues that can arise after Holi. 

Read on to find out!

Here are some Pre-Holi tips for you. 

Use ice-cubes before setting out. 

Scouring ice blocks over your skin before going out to play Holi does some incredible things in blocking the pores of your skin. Rub ice blocks on a spotless face for around 10-15 mins and you can guarantee that the unsafe tones can’t infiltrate your skin and cause upheavals.

Apply oil on your skin

Who said you can just oil your hair? Oiling your skin with natural fundamental oils is an incredible method to reestablish the characteristic surface of your skin. Fundamental oils additionally affect treating skin inflammation and other extreme skin sensitivities. 

Follow these basic advances: 

1 tbsp of natural coconut oil 

1 tbsp of natural castor oil 

1 tbsp of natural almond oil 

Apply a blend of these oils on your skin before going out to play Holi. The thick layer of oils will make a boundary between your skin and the destructive tones. This way not exclusively will it be simpler for you to remove the tone yet will likewise keep your skin saturated the whole time.

Apply sunscreen before setting out

Holi is mostly played outside and the consistent openness to sun, colours and water, can remove the dampness from your skin and make you tanned. It is exceptionally hard to reestablish the common shade of your skin once it gets tanned. To dodge this issue, it is constantly exhorted that one ought to apply a liberal measure of a decent sunscreen moisturizer before venturing out to play.

Apply petroleum jelly

To shield your lips from the unsafe synthetic compounds and colours, apply petroleum jelly rather than lipstick. The petroleum jelly will keep your lips ensured and hydrated while you take part in your celebrations! 

Holi is quite possibly the most anticipated celebration of the year. However, 2 days of festivity and colours can leave you feeling depleted. Taking the shades of your skin is presumably the most feared task. Home remedies and not utilizing a couple of items can assist you with keeping up your skin post-Holi.

Here are a few tips for Post-Holi.

Avoid usage of soaps and face wash. 

Most cleansers and face washes in the market these days are bound with synthetic compounds and can rip off the alkaline of your skin. You can rather select natural skin purging items. Additionally, avoid cleaning your skin soon after Holi as scouring can be unforgiving for your skin.

Use natural skincare products

Common face veils and packs are awesome! They soothe your skin, as well as help, reestablish its characteristic equilibrium. Take a stab at utilizing up tans made of curd and besan (gram flour) or rose water, turmeric and sandalwood. These common fixings have mending powers on your skin.

Use moisturiser

Before sleeping, around evening time, apply a gentle cream all over your body. The harmful chemicals from colours will in general remove the dampness from your skin and leave it feeling dry and sketchy. The cream will guarantee that your skin is very much hydrated while you rest. Wake up with sparkling skin the following day!

Drink enough water

The significance of drinking water can’t be focused on enough. Drinking 7-8 glasses of water each day can ward off skin issues and numerous other inside sicknesses. As a post-Holi skin care management schedule, remember to drink loads of water to keep you hydrated and your skin break out free. 

These basic yet successful healthy skin schedules, whenever followed appropriately can keep your skin issue free even after Holi. Try not to let the dread of skin inconveniences trouble you any more!

Use oil to ward off colours

Oil can remove the colours and harmful chemicals from your skin. It is suggestible to use mild oils, like Olive oil. Dip a cotton ball in the oil and gently rub it over your skin to remove the excess colour that would have been left even after a bath. 

Now that you know all the precautions you should be taking, go out there and enjoy a colourful and happy Holi!

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