Shilpa Shetty’s fitness secret

Shilpa Shetty

Fitness is an essential aspect of life. Many people think fitness is relevant only for heroes, heroines, and models. But this is not true. We all need fitness irrespective of our gender, age, and profession. Without fitness, we end up with obesity and lifestyle diseases. The human body is the most complex and beautiful gadget ever-present on the earth, and fitness keeps this gadget in its best possible state.

So, how to become fit and sustain fitness over a period of years? There are many approaches to fitness like yoga, working out in a gym, exercising etc. Here is one such fitness secret shared by Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty.

“I love yoga. It has been transforming for me not just physically but mentally also. My attitude has changed. My perception about people and life has changed due to yoga. Its the only single holistic way to live your life. It’s not just about the asanas. Its also about your belief. It’s my favorite practice. Yoga is really, really powerful. Just breathe, do those asanas, and you will be able to shed excess weight and align your mind. I always believed in the whole mind, body, soul alignment. I am a practicing yogi. Yoga has made a huge difference in my life. It has changed my life, not just physically but also mentally. “

These are some words of Shilpa Shetty on yoga. 

Many people vouch by yoga for fitness and happiness in life. Yoga is an ancient practice rooted in the soil of India. So, what are the benefits of yoga? 

Here are some benefits of making yoga a lifestyle.

1. It increases body flexibility. When various yoga asanas are performed regularly, they increase the flexibility of the body. Many people experience this aspect of yoga within a few weeks of practicing yoga.

2. It improves body posture. Postural issues are solved through yoga. Yoga brings a balance and strength to your spine and improves body posture.

3. It promotes weight loss. When yoga is performed, it acts as an exercise for the body and helps in losing the extra weight. It also helps in managing food cravings better. Sometimes, food cravings happen due to emotional reasons, and these are well addressed by yoga.

4. It improves mood. Yoga is a wonderful way to boost your mood. It removes lethargy, irritation, boredom, and boosts your mood. When you begin your day with yoga, you add freshness and joy to your day.

5. It builds mental strength. Yoga not only helps in your physical fitness but also helps in building your mental strength. Your ability to concentrate and clarity of thinking improve with yoga.

6. It strengthens muscles. Yoga brings great strength to muscles and makes your muscles strong and flexible. A competent yoga teacher can help you solve muscle-related ailments with the help of yoga.

7. It increases blood flow. Yoga increases blood flow in your body and brings that glow to your skin. Proper blood flow also helps in hair growth.


8. Improves health. Yoga is beneficial for many health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, digestive ailments, respiratory ailments, reproductive problems, etc. It improves the overall health and also prevents many diseases.

9. It boosts immunity. Immunity is an important aspect of the body that protects you from various diseases. Yoga boosts your immunity.

10. It relaxes your entire system. Stress has become a common problem in current times. Yoga relaxes your mind and body. It is a great tool to de-stress and relax.

These are some benefits of practicing yoga regularly.

There are many yoga asanas that are beneficial and easy to do. Anyone can practice yoga and reap the benefits.

Below are some pointers to remember on your journey of yoga.

1. There are various YouTube videos and books talking about various yoga asanas. But it’s worth practising yoga under the guidance of a competent yoga teacher till you achieve some level of expertise in yoga. A teacher can customize yoga asanas based on the health condition of your body and guide you in a step by step manner.

2. Practice yoga on an empty stomach. Yoga is not just asanas, but it also involves pranayama or breathing exercises. So be on an empty stomach when you are doing yoga. You can have a small meal like a fruit or a simple smoothie if you are hungry and then do yoga.

3. Wear comfortable clothes while you are practicing yoga. Your clothes should allow you to breathe well and should not be an obstacle while performing the asanas.

4. Don’t force your body to do certain asanas when the body is not ready. Each body is different. There is no point in forcing your body just to prove that you can do a difficult asana. Be gentle and listen to your body. When you are doing an asana, and you experience some pain, stop the practice.

5. Yoga benefits can be gained with regular practice. Like anything else, yoga, too, needs a systematic and disciplined approach.

6. Use an eco-friendly yoga mat. Many yoga mats are made of plastic material, which is toxic and harmful to the body.

7. If you are leading a hectic lifestyle and cannot find an hour for yoga practice, at least practice Surya namaskars. Surya namaskar has various yoga asanas in it. It can be performed in less amount of time. It is like a yoga capsule that can bring you great benefits.

8. If you have some health issues or going through pregnancy, always practice yoga under the guidance of a teacher.

These are some pointers to note. 

Yoga is for everyone and can be started at any age. Shilpa Shetty started her yoga journey at the age of 40, and she has gained expertise in it in a few years. So, don’t let any reason stop you from learning and practicing yoga. Start your yoga journey and experience the magic of your body and mind. Experience the lightness and joy that yoga can bring you.

Wish you health and peace!

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