Self-control, your road to success!

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Virtues, attitudes, behaviors, habits and lifestyle all have a lot to do with us and also define the kind of life we lead, the kind of decisions we make and the kind of person we are. However, there is one such defining factor which can be considered as the mother of all virtues, that would be self-control. An aspect of life which has been terribly underrated in today’s times and has been considered too perfect to be implementable. So, let’s dive into self-control and the role it can play to enhance your life.

Self-control is self-explanatory, as the term says it means to have a strong will to control yourself from doing anything that you know is sure to bother you soon. However, it is not easy to implement this habit in your life. We are gifted with a mind that releases and warns us but we lack the will that is actually going to help us step back from our path to unprecedented trouble. It is time we take this step to control ourselves from issues that continually trouble us owing to our own unwanted actions and decisions. 

Self-control is a virtue or a behavioural trait that is essential in every aspect of life, be it our minds, our food habits, our health, wealth, lifestyle, decisions etc, literally every aspect of your life can be transformed magnificently if you learn how to establish self control in your life. Many psychological experiments have been conducted where in two children were made to sit separately in two rooms with a plate that has a chocolate they love the most, the child that maintains the desired self control is said to be more successful in life. Look around all the tycoons in different fields, not all of them last forever, but some do, why do you think so? It is only because they aren’t blatantly lavish about their life, they know how exactly they should maintain self-control. 

We shouldn’t think of self-control as something that is going to keep us away from enjoying the pleasures of life. That is a very flawed idea. Self-control is meant to enhance your life. When you pursue every activity with the right kind of involvement and intensity, you will be calm and balanced. Let us take the example of eating, buying your food from restaurants or food joints is not a sin, but having just that food and ignoring homemade food is going to give you some health issues. Self-control is the solution for your problem then, you regulate food ordering to say twice a week and make your own food at home for the rest of the days. This way you enjoy your cravings and you are also healthy enough to not have unwanted health issues. So, nobody who really wants you to practice self-control will ask you to stay away from all that you like, unless you have some serious issues to handle. Hence remove this misconception and find out ways to start practicing self-control in your life.

In many ways self-control is the essence of your life. One can’t imagine a virtue so robust in their life that it can bring a huge change if adopted and can benefit the individual internally and can also help people maintain a calm and balanced state of mind.

Now, let’s look into some general areas in all our lives that seek self-control 

  1. Food: We all love food, don’t we? But is it good to eat all sorts of food, all the time, no, right? So, here’s where we need to control our diet. All biology books speak about a balanced diet and so we should balance our diet, keeping in mind the leisures and limitations of our own body.
  2. Exercise: We start exercising one day and on the eight day all the motivation to workout and get fit is gone. We have to control our tendency to become lazy and sleep that extra hour. Nothing is going to happen if you don’t sleep an hour less, but a lot will happen if you don’t workout for that one hour every day. It makes all the difference. Here the game changer is going to be your habit of self-control.
  3. Habits: Many of us like to drink or consume alcohol. Yes, it is very true that both of these items, consumed in any amount, have some guaranteed negative effects. Hence, as far as possible we should not be dependent on them, however if you are used to it, control the amount  you consume, you’ll see how largely you are benefitted and you never know you might actually end up not consuming any of these. 
  4. Speech: We are humans and many of us have a habit to simply blurt anything that comes to mind. This can cost you a lot, if you do not nip it in the bud. Hence, practice controlled and thoughtful speech, speak only as much as required and do not stay silent when you are supposed to speak. This is the good that self-control can do to you.

Let us enhance our lives by practicing the habit of self-control, results are slow but sure to come. Have faith in yourself and your strength. Your willpower and courage is going to make you successful at any point and at any age and at any time and so be the change you want to become. 

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