Rise & Shine Your Way To A Healthier Mind

sunrise and beach waves

Imagine waking up by the beach, the sound of the ocean and the sun slowly rising and shining bright. Seems like a good way to start the day, isn’t it? The morning sun has immense powers of not just giving us the right dose of Vitamin-D but also lifts one’s mood. Sunlight is natural, free and available in abundance. Waking up early to enjoy the sunrise is worth the effort and the effects are magical. Sunlight doesn’t guarantee the cure for seasonal depression but it helps in bringing forth a lightness, a hope, a reminder to breathe, all of which leads that to a better day and a sounder night’s sleep. Soaking in the sunlight helps us reset, slow down and just enjoy the moment as it is. Personally, our team has felt better when they soaked in the sun rather than being indoors. Our grandmas always used to say “Take a walk while the sun is out & you’ll instantly feel better” and it holds true. Now let’s look at the benefits of sunlight that impacts our mental health and overall well being.

Sunlight and darkness have a direct impact on your hormones. Serotonin, a hormone that everyone is chasing after knowingly and unknowingly, is related to boosting one’s mood and making one feel better about everything. Exposure to sunlight releases serotonin and in return affects one’s mood for the better. Lack of serotonin results in depression, which majorly happens due to lack of exposure to sunlight. Therapists and mental health professionals advise people to sit in sunlight, take a walk or take vitamin-D supplements to boost the serotonin levels which helps in reducing the feeling of being depressed.

The sun can recharge you. It is composed of ultraviolet light which the body needs for optimum health.The sun stimulates the production of melanin, stimulates the metabolism, (especially metabolism of minerals) is good for helping glands that take care of internal secretion. With a healthy body, one can have a healthy mind, isn’t it? In us humans, biologically, Vitamin D changes to calcium in the body which encourages the hormone endorphin production. Endorphins give you that feel good vibe in you which causes happiness and satisfaction which prevents depression. The natural and most effective source of Vitamin D is nothing but sunlight. No amount of supplements can replace the goodness of sunlight and its positive effect on mental health.

Exposure to the sun can reduce anxiety. It is a known fact in most cold countries that reduced sunlight causes nervousness, depression, and other health issues. Research proves that Those people hospitalized with bipolar disorder who are given daily exposure to sunlight leave the hospital four days earlier feeling better than those who lack such exposure. Another research suggests that those affected by seasonal affective disorder (SAD) have shorter hospital stays when they room on the sunnier side of the hospital.

Change is good and with our busy lives, if we just take some time out to wake up early and soak in some sun, life would be better as you’d feel better. Pause, reflect while sitting on your balcony or terrace with a cup of coffee, looking at nature and enjoying the sunlight. It’s time to rise and shine your way to a healthier mind and body.

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