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We all love fitness and aspire to be fit. No one enjoys being unfit, and a fit body is inspiring. Yet, only a few people are fit, and many are obese or overweight. There could be various reasons why this happens. Some of us accept that it’s ok to be overweight and never put that effort into being fit. Some of us lead an unhealthy lifestyle. Like this, there could be various reasons. So, how to stay fit in life? Is there any short cut or magic trick for fitness? Let’s find it out from the actress Rakul Preet Singh who is fit and fabulous.

Rakul Preet takes on fitness – “I work out every day. I feel that just like your body needs to shower every day, your cells need to shower too. So, I sweat it out. I feel like my body only breathes when I work out. I love working out. I prefer working out in the morning before I head for shoots. I work out at around 5:30 or 6 in the morning, and then I head to set. The stress is gone, and, in my head, I know that I am done with this major task of the day. I feel good. I feel energetic, and I don’t have any lethargy.”

So, working out is the fitness secret of Rakul Preet Singh. There are no gimmicks and magics to achieve that fit body. Regularly Working out is the way, and we need to make working out as a lifestyle if we aspire fitness and health. Working out now and then intensely and not working out for 20 or 30 days will not give us much results. We need to make working out a lifestyle like our food habits and work. 

So, how to do that? Below are some tips to make working out as your lifestyle.

1. Start small: If you are leading a super sedentary lifestyle now where you are moving your body for less than 30 minutes in a day, start making small changes to your lifestyle. It’s time to wake up now before it becomes too late. If we cannot even move the body, how can we become fit? Start with the movement of your body. Movement is the easiest and smallest change you can make in your lifestyle. For every 1 hour of sitting, make it a point to walk around or stretch your body. Do simple asanas. Walk around. Start moving a lot. 

2. Get the help of a coach. Many of us think we can do it ourselves. There is nothing wrong with trying on our own by watching YouTube or reading books. You can always start with it. But when you work out under the supervision and guidance of a coach, you can achieve more in less time because of the expertise. You really get to the bottom of it and see the results soon. It’s worth to pay the trainer and get trained on working out. There is a great science behind working out, which only a competent trainer can help you with.


3. Create a schedule: Unless we schedule a time for working out, it cannot happen. If there is no schedule, we keep postponing everyday thinking we will do tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes because there is no schedule. So, plan your day well ahead and create a schedule that accommodates the time to work out. 

4. Be consistent: Being consistent is very important. Many of us are very excited when we start out, but this excitement comes down as time passes, and we become irregular with our workouts. Being irregular will not bring us tangible results. So be consistent with working out. Even if you work out for 30 mins, that’s still good enough, but don’t skip workout sessions. Target to workout at least 4 to 5 times a week.

5. Take care of your diet: Both diet and working out are equally important for fitness. Just focussing on one aspect alone will not give fitness. Both the aspects are interrelated. Create a proper diet plan like pre-workout meal, post-workout meal, dinner time etc. with the help of your trainer. What you eat before and after your workout also impacts your results and fitness.

6. Don’t give up: Life will have many ups and downs. Something may come up in your life like a wedding or a childbirth, and your workout schedule might go for a toss. But don’t give up. Once things settle down, get back to your workout schedule. 

7. Have fitness buddies: Stay in touch with people who are working out regularly for fitness and form a fitness buddies group. This group serves as a motivation factor for you to be regular with workout. 

8. Celebrate your journey: Set milestones and clear goals before you start your journey of working out. Once you reach your milestones and goals, celebrate your accomplishments. Reward yourself. When you celebrate your journey, you are inspired to achieve more.

These are some tips of Rakul Preet to make working out as a lifestyle change. 

When we work out regularly, we not only become fit, but we also become healthy, and we feel happier about life. We reap many benefits. Our metabolism becomes better. Our muscles and bones become stronger. Skin starts glowing. Immunity is strengthened. We can protect ourselves from getting lifestyle diseases. We become younger. And all this leads to greater levels of confidence. Workout also de-stresses as it releases feel-good hormones. So, working out brings several benefits, in addition to fitness.

And your family also becomes inspired seeing your transformation. You will be able to inspire your children to walk the path of fitness. Many of us think working out is only for stars and models, but this is not true. Working out is for every one of us because the human body has infinite potential, and this can be realized only when we work out. We realize the true potential of our body when we start working out.

Happy workout!

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