Postures to beat the summer heat

yoga in summer heat

Yoga is always good for your body. The benefits of yoga are known to everyone and a regular/thorough practice of yoga can transform your life in ways we cannot imagine or dream of. However, the summer season heats your body up. So we have to find ways to keep our bodies cool. One good way is to drink water and other liquids like fruit juices etc. Another way to cool your body is by practising certain yoga asanas more consciously during the summer

The structure of asanas and the corresponding breathing patterns gifts your body some numerous benefits. 

Below are a few yoga asanas that could practice in the summer and reap the benefits of the same. 

  1. Head to knee posture 

The head to knee posture or what is called the Janu Sirisasana is very beneficial. In this posture you bend forward to touch your knee, giving a twist and stretch to your side body. This posture makes you cool down and keeps your mind balanced. This asana essentially activates your parasympathetic nervous system which eases your body and removes the stress. It is also known to stretch your calves. 

  1. Downward facing dog posture

The downward-facing dog posture or the  Adho Mukha Shvanasana  is also very beneficial for your body in the summers. In this posture your hands are kept on the ground, the distance between them should be shoulder-width and the distance between your feet should be your hip width. This asana improves the overall posture of your body, increases the blood flow to your head and strengthens your core. Keeping posture good and increasing blood flow, keeps your body active and healthy.

  1. Low Lunge Pose

Anjaneya Asana or Low Lunge Pose is very beneficial as it will stretch your muscles, your hamstring and release the tension in these areas. The stretch this posture gives can strengthen your legs and knees and improve your focus. It also benefits your lungs and heart. This asana is considered extremely beneficial when done in the summer season, preferable early in the morning, 

  1. Lion Posture 

Lion posture is also called Simhasana. This posture is famous for destroying all sorts of ailments and health issues. In summer the high temperatures create a very hospitable environment for diseases, this asana could be useful in keeping all diseases away. If you practice this right in the morning before consuming any meal, you will reap its benefits to the fullest. It is known to increase the circulation of blood in your body. 

  1. One legged King Pigeon Posture

The one legged king pigeon pose or Eka Pada Rajakapotasana is another asana known to keep you cool during the summers. The main benefit of practising this asana is that it enables good digestion. By relieving stress from your lower back, it eases digestion. It is also known to keep your mind free of any mental stress or anxiousness. 

  1. Cobra Posture 

The Cobra Posture of Bhujangasana when done on an empty stomach benefits your lungs and spine. It is considered most beneficial for asthma as it clears your lungs and it also makes your spine and back robust and strong. Originally a part of the authentic Surya Namaskar practice, Bhujangasana also has their benefits when done separately. 

  1. Corpse Posture 

The ones that have done yoga even for a little while will know how relaxing and calming Savasana can be. The corpse posture marks the end of every yoga practice and it has numerous benefits. The savasana has both physical and spiritual benefits. Firstly it calms down the entire body from top to toe. It calms down your mind, your chest, stomach, digestive areas, thighs, knees and toes. This conscious relaxation is more beneficial than taking a nap. Secondly, it also ignites a sense of being and gives you spiritual identity. End your practice with a good 5 mins dedicated to shavasana and you are good to have a great day ahead.

Yoga practices are beneficial around the year. But in summers, the heat and rise in temperatures can cause multiple challenges to your body and mind. Yoga can play a very vital role in keeping your mind and body happy and healthy through the summer. Check out these simple asanas above, consult a yoga teacher or a practitioner on how to perform the asanas or postures and slowly over a few days you will reap its benefits. 

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