Overthinking and why you should not do it!

Tips to overcome Overthinking

Most times situations trouble us and hence our mental health gets affected. We think of numerous ways to come out of such situations and eventually get ourselves to normalcy. These problems are due to external factors like work pressures, family pressure, or other challenges. To maintain good mental health you have to ensure that you are setting boundaries in your mind so that you are not negatively impacted by it. However, there are also some internal factors for which we have to set boundaries, internal factors are factors that can be controlled by you because they are triggered by internal stimuli. It is in a way it’s your own doing and so recognizing that can help you solve issues with ease. One such problem that most of us face is overthinking.

Overthinking is a very strong example of your own doing. You harm yourself by thinking about an incident or situation in ways that give you anxiety. It gives you an unprecedented amount of stress and bothers you. By all means, overthinking bothers you and is a waste of quality time. It drains your energy. We have to learn to keep a boundary in our minds. We cannot completely stop ourselves from thinking about a situation, but we can stop ourselves from overthinking.

Tips to overcome overthinking

  1. Tell yourself it is all fine, know that nothing can possibly go out of hand. Talk to yourself and make yourself understand that nothing is so bad that you cannot handle it. Take it one step at a time and you will realise that the issue is not there any more. Communicating with yourself helps you heal out of this, else you will be stuck in the vicious cycle of overthinking. Please talk to yourself, help yourself. 
  2. Swiftly distract yourself with music or an activity that will need your concentration. Could be watching TV or painting. Any task that needs your complete attention works. Because it helps you overcome the situation. Eventually your energy will be well utilized and you will not overthink. If it really bothers you even post this, then talk to someone who will understand you.
  3. Ignore any triggers: Do not talk to people who make you overthink about it or simply keep away from anything that troubles you. You understand your triggers more than others and so understand what exactly triggers your mind and make a conscious decision to keep away from anything that fuels your overthinking. 
  4. Talk it out to a friend or a family member or a well wisher. It helps you vent out and you’ll not find the need to overthink. When it is out of your system, you feel good about it. The person listening to you will reassure you and that will give you a sense of serene comfort. That is more than enough for you to stop overthinking. 
  5. Tell yourself, that you are more than this situation and that you matter to yourself and do not let one situation bother you so much. At the end of the day it is about you and your mental health. If we let one situation bother yourself so much then it will have negative repercussions in the future. You do matter for yourself and a whole bunch of people that truly care for you and you do make a difference in their lives. 
  6. Question yourself: Why is this thought bothering me? When you think like that you will realize that thinking like this is going to make no sense. This works wonders, question yourself on this again and again. Eventually you will realize you do not have enough answers, which only proves that you have created this whole situation in your mind,
  7. Live in the present: Living in the present is far better than overthinking about the past or getting insecure about the future. So resist overthinking and live in the present. What happened in the past is already done, there is nothing you can do about it, so why regret or think about it. Your future is a surprise, a mystery, while you can be prepared for it, you can’t really figure out what exactly is going to happen, so cross the bridge when it comes. What is in front of you is today, an opportunity to fix the past and pave way for a beautiful future. Why not take complete advantage of it? Do your best, do not think a jot about anything else, it will all be fine. We have to fill ourselves with confidence.
  8. Show empathy towards yourself: Understand yourself and realise that it is not worth it to put yourself through this. Do not be harsh on yourself with your thoughts and do not let any external situation lead you to overthinking. It causes a lot of unwanted pain. Understand yourself and win the battle against overthinking. 

Overthinking can only cause a series of unwanted emotions to ruin your mental equilibrium. When you overthink next time, just be conscious of it and resist yourself from thinking like that. Continuously doing this will lead you to a state where you do not overthink.

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