No-Tobacco Day


The 31st of May is recognized as No Tobacco Day to create awareness about the ill effects of tobacco on humanity and the environment at large. As per WHO, tobacco kills 8 million individuals consistently every year and negatively impacts human wellbeing in the production process as well. The destructive effect of the tobacco business on the climate is huge and developing and is causing damage to our planet. 

We must understand how it impacts our bodies and disrupts our wellbeing. Below are a few key health conditions that are caused due to the continuous consumption of tobacco.

Lung diseases 

Smoking harms the air sacs in your lungs. This harm begins not long after somebody begins smoking. The functioning of the lung keeps on deteriorating. In any case, it might require a long time for the disease to become recognizable enough for lung illness to be analyzed. Smoking can likewise cause lung contaminations like pneumonia and tuberculosis, and it can increase the intensity of some lung infections, like asthma.

Cardiovascular Issues

Smoking tobacco harms your heart and veins, increasing the chances of coronary illness and stroke.

Smoking is a significant reason for coronary illness (CHD), in which the conduits of the heart can’t supply the heart muscle with sufficient oxygen-rich blood. CHD is the primary driver of respiratory failure. Smoking causes hypertension, reduces your capacity to exercise, and makes your blood-bound cluster. It also increases cholesterol levels in the blood. 

Blood flow 

Smoking can disturb the natural blood flow to the arms and legs. This can cause severe pain in the legs while strolling. In case you end up bruising, it will be difficult to stop the blood flow. Since smoking influences blood flow, it can bring down the body’s capacity to cope with cuts. To this end, many specialists will not do specific procedures on patients except if they quit smoking.

Reproductive Disorders 

Smoking can harm veins anywhere in the body. 

It disturbs the bloodstream in the reproductive areas which are vital for reproduction. People who smoke are more prone to develop reproductive disorders. Smoking can also impact fertility in the longer run.

Key Tips To Reduce Smoking 

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

You could use a nasal spray or inhaler, gums, or even take specific tablets. This will help you get over the strong urge to smoke. However, in extreme cases, one has to go through a long-term medical treatment to get rid of the problem from the root. 

Electronic cigarettes are also an option however, they are not as effective or as safe as nicotine replacement medicines.

Stay away from those spots 

You feel the most vulnerable when you go and stand in the spots you usually smoke. It could be a place near your office or the balcony in your house. Avoid the company of your friends who smoke, else you will be tempted to smoke. Recognize all the factors that persuade you to smoke and then ensure that you stay away from the same. 

 Just one a day is never a success 

Smoking is as addictive as it can get. If you haven’t smoked for a while, do not persuade yourself to smoke just one, because it never stops at that. You eventually get into the habit and this time it will be harder for you to give up again.

 Exercise more 

Make it a point that you work out for longer durations initially, as it will help you channel your cravings. Every time you feel the strong urge to smoke, you can probably jump a few times or climb the stairs in your building to avoid the urge. We need to understand that we will have the urge to smoke now and then. The only way out is to dodge this urge and slowly get over it. It is not a one-day process, but quitting is certainly the first step toward a healthy and tobacco-free lifestyle. 

Replace what you consume 

You may smoke a cigarette every time you feel stressed at work. Once you quit, you might feel irritated and terrible about not smoking.  In such situations replace the habit with gum or some hot tea or coffee. Try to resist this urge. You might feel highly vulnerable, but this is when you have to gather the strength and resist this urge for your good.

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