No-Diet is the Best Diet


International no diet day, highlights the importance of accepting our bodies in their true natural self and reducing the dependence on unrealistic diet regimes. It urges everybody to practice a healthy way of living and accept our body types. The blue ribbon signifies diversity in body types and accepting such diversity. 

This means we should also put an end to body shaming and instead encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle. Body type is subject to many realities like genetics, nutrition, and health concerns. However, the definition of a healthy lifestyle is not restricted to a perfect body. You could have a curvy body and you could still be absolutely healthy. Stringent diet measures are not good for our bodies, they can end up causing more harm than benefit and keep your body away from the nutrition it seeks. 

Here’s what we can do to accept our bodies and change our perceptions

  • Educate and spread awareness 

For a very long time now, people have been representing the ideal body type in popular culture and media. We have to raise awareness about how one can be healthy in their skin. We can research and tell people about what diet is suitable for each one of us. Diet should be based on individual needs and should not be for looking in a certain way. By educating ourselves and the younger generations we put an end to unrealistic expectations and propagate new thoughts and ideologies. This will also put an end to all the body-shaming, teasing, and humiliation that many people face throughout their lives.

  • Find out what happens when we follow an extreme diet regimes 

Diet and body time go hand in hand. When you follow a diet that is not suitable for your body, you end up harming your body. When we do not give our body the food and nutrition it seeks, the body doesn’t give us the energy and immunity to function. It makes it difficult for you to perform everyday tasks. Diet regimes are primarily for people who are suffering from health conditions. For the rest of us, a balanced and nutritious diet is a must. Fruits, vegetables, meat, etc are rich in proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, and fiber that give your body good strength and agility. Diet plans should be executed only under the supervision of a doctor. 

  • Ditch The Diet

Ditch the diet is a mantra that was adopted for International No Diet Day, to ditch unwanted diet restrictions that are solely designed to make people look a certain way. Health is beyond external beauty. Health is about immunity, strength, and most importantly, positivity. A good positive self-image will boost your self-esteem and confidence. Hence, ditch the diet and follow a healthy regime that keeps your mind and body healthy and fulfilled. 

  • Body positivity and self-love

Body positivity is about accepting your body and others’ regardless of how it is. Accepting bodies in all shapes and sizes creates a sense of confidence. Our bodies are meant to look like what they look. Hence, we can fall in love with ourselves only if we accept our bodies completely. Most importantly, body positivity makes all of our focus on taking on what lies beneath our external looks. The good health and well-being of all our organs, our mind, and thoughts. True wellbeing is possible only if we take care of the body for what it is, without trying to change it. 

All of us function the same way. Look at a pine tree and banyan tree, the pine tree is exceptionally tall and barely wide, and the banyan tree is exceptionally wide and barely tall. Both of these perform the same function. Similarly, all humans are the same inside, then why bother about external looks to such an extent that it makes life difficult. 

  • What’s the limit?

We have to decide our limits. Understand your body for what it is, do not try to force yourself to do things, just to look a certain way. Recognize the natural rhythm of your body. Figure out the food type that suits you the best and find the best type of workout that suits your body. You will figure out all of this very soon, then there is no looking back. Just keep doing what benefits you the most. Make cheat meals an important part of your diet, take days off exercise and give your body the rest and pampering it needs. We are always aware of what we are doing, if you feel like you are overeating or exercising irregularly then you must push yourself. Listen to your body, that’s the main key. 

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