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Nidhhi Agerwal Meditation secret

Can we meditate on a busy day? Will meditating for 5 minutes give me any results? Is meditation interesting? These are some questions a beginner may have about meditation. Here comes Tollywood actress Nidhhi Agerwal throwing some light on meditation.

These are some words of Nidhhi Agerwal on meditation – “I like doing my meditation because it makes me feel so good. The nicer it makes me feel, the more I want to do it. It’s kind of like a circle. I do meditate. But let me say this that I don’t know how to meditate. I have randomly created what works for me. Meditation, to me, means sitting in a space and observing my thoughts.Not trying and controlling them.Just letting them cross my system. That’s what it means to me. I am not like a yogi who knows how to meditate, but I do my version of it, and it really works for me. I do a very short one like 5 minutes, 10 minutes.”

These are Nidhhi Agerwal words on meditation. Below are some pointers on meditation that we can absorb from Nidhhi’s words.

1. Meditation can be done even on a super busy day. Many of us have quite hectic schedules, and we think we will do meditation when we are free. But it’s so simple that it can be packed in a hectic schedule. A busy schedule is no more an excuse for not doing meditation.

2. Meditation is not something to be postponed for old age. Even youngsters can meditate and be enriched from the experience. In fact, youngsters need meditation because youth is the prime time where major life decisions like career and marriage are made. With meditation, the mind becomes sharper, emotions are toned down, and stress is relieved. Such a person will be able to make better decisions in life compared to someone who is confused and stressed out. 

3. Meditation does not need an hour or 2. It can be done even in 5 minutes or 10 minutes. This is the beauty of meditation. You can do meditation during breaks in your work or while commuting or just before sleeping.

4. Meditation is not about controlling thoughts. It’s about observing thoughts. When we observe our thoughts and emotions, they cool down and lose the power to control us. Many times, we are controlled by our thoughts and emotions, but this can be changed when we observe them.

5. Meditation is a feel-good practice. It increases feel-good emotions like happiness and peace. It is definitely not a boring exercise. It is the simplest tool that can bring you joy.

6. Don’t wait for a formal course or teacher. It’s great if you can get the guidance on meditation from a formal teacher. But you don’t need to wait for it to start your meditation journey. You can start right away your meditation by observing your thoughts and practicing awareness, just like how Nidhhi has done it.

You can watch Nidhhi’s video below to know more about her wellness secrets.

Meditation is not just limited to yogi’s or spiritual people. It is for everyone. Each one of us can be benefited by doing meditation. Below are some reasons why we should meditate regularly.

1. Stress buster: Meditation de-stresses us. Stress is the most common problem of current times as we are doing a lot in less time. From a school going child to a homemaker, CEO of a company to an entry-level employee, every one of us is running to keep up our pace with time. And this running race is creating a lot of stress. There is a huge connection between stress and modern lifestyle diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, heart attacks. When stress is accumulated over the years, it leads to various diseases. The smart thing is to de-stress ourselves regularly so that stress does not accumulate over time. Meditation is a great tool that helps us de-stress and stay relaxed in life.

2. Sharpens our mind: Our mind is a great tool that can provide solutions to the problems of life. But because we don’t take good care of it and fill it with negative thoughts and emotions, we think our mind is a trouble maker rather than a solution provider. Meditation changes this. It sharpens the mind and makes it productive.

3. Helps us find the purpose of life: Each one of us has a unique calling, and we are born for a purpose. Meditation helps us discover our calling and purpose in life. When we find our purpose, life becomes more exciting and meaningful—every day counts.

4. Improves our relationships: Meditation helps us build tolerance and patience. These 2 qualities are important for a happy relationship. So, when we meditate, our relationships with people around us become better.

5. Makes it easy to forgive others: For many of us, forgiving others is tough. But lack of forgiveness and holding resentment for a long time causes various diseases, robs our peace of mind, creates stress, and so on. So, it’s important to forgive. Meditation helps us forgive people who hurt us and difficult situations in our life. It makes forgiveness easier.

6. Improves health: Our health is very much dependent on our state of mind and our stress levels. There is a strong connection between body and mind. When we meditate regularly, our health improves, and we are at ease rather than dis-ease.

7. Brings peace of mind: We all crave for that peace of mind no matter which profession we are pursuing or what lifestyle we are leading. The regular practice of meditation brings profound peace and inner calmness.

These are some reasons why it pays to invest our time in meditation. Research has shown that meditation can increase attention span, reduce stress, reduce the wake-up time of people with insomnia and reduce anxiety. Like Nidhhi Agerwal, we can meditate in small duration’s of time and gradually increase the time period. It is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. 

Explore this beautiful tool and find a new you.

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