Mental Health at Work


The Work Environment is a very professional and very taxing environment at the same time. Tasks and deadlines make most of our days and to add to it there is an unspoken competition and work politics. Thinking of all of this we also need to focus on our work, attend client meetings, deal with tantrums, and so on. All of this together can take a toll on your mental health. Hence, while we cannot change the challenges that we get at, we can change how we deal with them and get over them. Regulation is the only key to dealing with mental health at work. 

Below we decode five situations at work that arise very often and can be dealt with at ease. 

  1. When everything seems to go wrong all at once!

Relatable? This happens on certain days and everything seems to fall apart and a bunch of things falls on your head. So what do you usually do? Do you panic and make things worse? No, you shouldn’t do that. It is time for you to calm down, take five minutes off, go for a walk, come back, pen down all that is left, and then come up with solutions for the problems that are recurring. Also remember, taking help from colleagues and friends can make things a lot easier. Otherwise, if we are stubborn in facing this all by ourselves, you will create room for more problems. Remember that a day where everything seems to go wrong is nothing but testing time, a challenge that you need to face and this experience is going to make you better at whatever you are good at. 

  1. Pressures and deadlines 

Deadlines are common in any workspace. It is also common that deadlines are not very comfortable and more often than not they seem unrealistic. We feel like the time given for a task is a lot less and because of this, a certain pressure builds up which cannot possibly do any good for you. Hence, the best way to deal with pressure is not to get affected by it even a little. A little bit of pressure or stress can probably motivate you but anything more than that is purely harming you. Deadlines always seem unrealistic, however as and when you gain experience you have to change how you look at deadlines, you have to learn those challenges. 

  1. When competition gets overwhelming

At the end of the day, everyone is here to make a name for themselves. Your colleagues, as friendly as they are, still remain your competitors. For promotion, it is more likely that there are more people and lesser positions to be filled. Hence, be aware that there is competition, but is it fine to overthink this? Well, the answer would be no. Competition is true of life, it starts from school to college to work and remains a part of your life as long as you actively work in an organization. It is however unfair to obsess over it. 

The secret here is self-analysis, compete with yourself and you are sure to win this battle. When you are good at your work then why worry about how others are doing. Focus on how you can improve your ability and you will surely win over this situation. 

  1. When there is no time to get off your desk

This happens every other day, isn’t it? Gone are the days when we could start at 9 and get back home after 6. Our current work schedules are complex and they require smart solutions. We can’t get back home on time but we can move around our office space, see some greenery while sipping a cup of hot coffee. We have to learn to take short smart breaks. Excess time working can drain you and can impact work productivity. Take quick healthy breaks, chat with your friends or see a short video to take your mind off things for a bit. 

  1. When you feel like you can’t do it anymore

It is said that any working professional goes through multiple phases of wanting to leave a job, way before he/she actually does. A bad day at work or a hectic work schedule etc, can make you feel terrible about work and might make you want to quit. But always remember that if you are tired, learn to rest, not quit. Negative thoughts are something we all get and work can get overwhelming for many. But thinking of quitting every time is not the way out, at the same time it is also important to assess the situation. If you really feel like it is a situation that is bothering your mental health, take a step and find the smooth way out. Drastically, leaving a job is never a good option unless it is an emergency. At the end of the day, you have to remain in the same industry and hence you have to maintain the right professional attitude and leaving a job smoothly is the best way out… 

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