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“Meditation is the way of nourishing and blossoming the divinity within you!” – Amit Roy

Have you ever wondered if your child could accompany you to your meditation practice? Have you thought about meditation as something only for adults to practice? Do you think your child wouldn’t find meditation practices interesting? Then, we are here to break those myths and tell you that meditation is for all ages. 

Meditation is an age-old process for a reason. People of all ages can follow this practice and reap its benefits accordingly. As a matter of fact, it is believed that the sooner you start such beneficial practices the better will be your physical and mental state of mind. Practicing meditation helps us manage our emotions and mind while helping us live a healthier and happier life. 

kids Meditation for all ages

Toddlers have fun mimicking their elders and find every little thing rewarding. Make the process engaging by maybe introducing them to meditation techniques like mindfulness. Walk them through the practice and let them know the benefits of meditation. By starting to learn these little things your toddlers are in for high self-awareness and confidence right from the very beginning. Teach them about what is in it for them since the beginning as the toddlers get very excited about taking up some responsibility. Let them learn in creative ways that could make this a very fun activity so that they could practice meditation whenever they face any challenging situations in their life. 

Here’s how you can creatively get your child to practice meditation

Point towards the changes in their body movements while meditating: Children find small things fascinating, so by showing them how their belly can move up and down while inhaling and exhaling you are getting their attention and making this fun for them. Let them sit in their comfort zone and you start practicing along with them which could also make it a family activity.

Connect breathing exercises to any fun thing they would like: Connecting breathing exercises to filling in a balloon or their bicycles. By doing this they would picturise this and enjoy it even more. 

Teaching meditation to toddlers can help them in many physical and mental activities like

  1. Consistent sleeping patterns
  2. Developing attention span
  3. Retaining any new information they may learn
  4. Enhance their creativity
  5. Help them calm down during times of stress
  6. Building resilience skills
  7. Makes them self aware
  8. Makes overall self-development easier

Enjoy the benefits of meditation yourself and with toddlers, you know. Nothing becomes fun if you make it a task, make it fun, and enjoy it along with them.  

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