Lessons to learn from traveling

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There are so many who love to travel. Some people earn so that they can visit places across the globe.  Hence travelling makes everyone happy and rejuvenated. Some keep travelling all the time while others make occasional trips, some like visiting new places every time while others love visiting the same set of places again and again. Some love spending all their travel time exploring the city they visit, while others love resting with a cup of coffee in their place of coffee or enjoy the weather on top of the hills.

  • The journey matters more than a destination

Ofcourse, it is not like the destination is any less important. But, the journey is something else. The rush of excitement, the company of the people around, the heavy luggages and a heart full of happiness. Yes, when we reach the destination we are happy but the thrill of the journey is just rip-roaring. Hence, the lesson we must learn here is that our life is a journey between our life and death, we have to be as excited as when we travel. We should be active and thrilled and pursue all that we have wanted to and should not regret anything. Hence embrace happiness with both your arms and do not let yourself down. Because, where’s
the time?

  • Share your food with the right people

Remember the times where our parents warned us not to talk to strangers and still didn’t say anything if somebody they liked gave you a chocolate. This shows that irrespective of wherever we are, we will be surrounded by people that are nice and people that will harm us and so just like we share our food with the people that we like, we should share our happiness, sadness and our precious time with the right people only. Spending your time with the wrong people and relationships is going to garner you discomfort and pain. Hence, spend your time with the right people, enjoying the right pleasures of life. The ones that aren’t meant to be with you will eventually fade away. Also, it is innate in you to recognise what’s right and what isn’t.

  •  Ups and downs are always there

Some schedules get disturbed, you might suddenly miss something that belongs to you in an unknown place. So, what next? Do we stay there and cry over it or just get ahead. Get ahead right? In reality both your ups and downs are equally significant and insignificant, which means that it all depends on how you take it. So, why not appreciate the ups and accept the bads and get ahead with our self-confidence and the love we receive. Hence, do not get too troubled by anything because it is temporary, it is a virtue of nature. Nothing in nature lasts forever, it is constantly changing and evolving. We are a part of this very nature and we must embrace these virtues. 

  • Does everybody get off at the same destination?

We might be traveling with numerous people, some reach their destination earlier while others reach a little later. So, if your turn comes a little ahead, what do you do? You wait, right?, you wait with patience for your destination to come. Similarly, why can’t we wait for our time to come. You’d be happy if you simply do not bother yourself with what others have got or what they don’t have and enjoy yourself with what you have on your plate. These are things you have got to be selfish with, your thoughts and your emotions. They are yours so value them and do not let them get influenced by anybody else.

  • The special days and then?

The time we are away from our regular routine it all feels really special and gifted but then we all have to return to our home, our roots. No matter how far you get you have got to be grounded and closer to the kind of person you were raised to be. Hence, even in our lives, no matter how ahead we get with our professional success and in our personal lives, we must remember where we came from and should be thankful to each and every person that made it possible for you to reach where you are. 

  • The ending always has tears of happiness.

Everytime we travel, we feel bad that those special days have come to an end and then we feel like crying thinking of those happy moments.  Hence, we console ourselves thinking about how we will be able to experience all of this again if this current trip doesn’t come to an end. Hence, we all are going to be happy in the end, so the scope for sad things to gather up until the end of your time is very limited and hence every moment is as fresh as the ray of the sun and has to be cherished to the fullest.

Let us learn these lessons and remind ourselves about these thoughts everytime we travel and relish every moment to the fullest 

Have a safe journey!

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