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What does it take to stay fit and healthy forever? How do actors and actresses maintain fitness for years and years, even after pregnancies and deliveries, accidents, and aging? They work round the clock, have hectic schedules, are presented with lavish lunches and dinners on sets and parties. They have children, bills to pay, finances to take care of, and may have stress about the uncertainty of life like everyone else has. Yet, they maintain fitness for years. So, what are they doing right?

It’s easy for us to say they are fit because they have dietitians, cooks, and servants. But many people have cooks and servants. Today, it’s easy to hire a cook and a maid than any other time in the past. And it is also easy to consult a top-notch dietitian today. We have access to the same foods, the same resources like them, but only a few of us are able to maintain fitness permanently. Many of us are struggling with overweight and lifestyle diseases. So, how to change this?

Here comes a tip from Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor on how to maintain our health and fitness. – “A simple home-cooked meal is nothing that can go wrong with. I think something that’s cooked in your kitchen is something that’s good in your tummy. My lunch is generally like home-cooked food. I don’t like ordering food from out. I don’t eat set food. So, basically, wherever I am, food comes from home, which will always be like basic sabzi, daal, dahi. It’s a very simple homemade food. “

Kareena Kapoor definitely does more than eating homemade food for her fitness. There is no doubt about it. But homemade food is an important aspect of her lifestyle, which is helping her stay fit for years.

So, what are the benefits of consuming homemade food? Here are some benefits.

1. There is a control over the quality and quantity of ingredients used when we cook at home. At home, we choose healthy vegetables and good quality oils. No preservatives are added because we cook fresh. But when we order from outside, we don’t know about the quality of vegetables, oils, seasoning etc. Vegetables could be in a poor state. Oils might have been reused. There could be too high levels of spices. And there might be preservatives. Such problems can be avoided when we eat homemade food.

2. We can prepare homemade food freshly. Fresh food carries high levels of nutrition and energy. It keeps us active and light. We can never guess the age of outside food due to reheating and masalas added. Most of the time, it is preserved and only reheated.

3. Homemade food is prepared with care. It always carries a personal touch, which will be missing in outside food.

4. When food is prepared for a large number of people, it will not carry the same care and quality as when it’s cooked for a small group of people like family.

5. It’s easy to get tempted and overeat when we eat outside food because of the taste-enhancing ingredients used like excessive usage of masalas and other seasonings. And this leads to overweight. This can be avoided when we eat homemade food.

These are some benefits gained by sticking to homemade food. You can consume outside food now and then – maybe once in a while. But regularly having outside food leads to poor health and fitness. If you are serious about your health and fitness, go for homemade meals any day.

But can everything prepared at home be healthy? Not necessary. We need to take certain precautions while cooking at home as Kareena Kapoor does.

So, how to cook meals at home in a way that enhances your health? Here are some tips.

1. Don’t reheat the oils. When you reheat the oil, it becomes carcinogenic. Use oil only once, and if it’s left, discard it but don’t reuse it.


2. Do not deep fry your food. Frying can destroy all the nutrients in food. For frying, oil needs to be heated to high temperatures, and this makes oil harmful. So, avoid fried foods.

3. Avoid the usage of white sugar as its quite harmful to health. Replace white sugar with date paste or jaggery wherever you need to use it.

4. Use only cold-pressed oils in cooking as the refined oils are heavily loaded with harmful chemicals.

5. Try to use organic vegetables and fruits as much as you can to reduce the number of pesticides and harmful chemicals in your food.

6. Add whole foods to your diet like brown rice, whole wheat flour, etc. Avoid refined foods like white rice, white flour, as such foods can suddenly spike your glucose levels in the body and lead to lifestyle diseases like diabetes.

7. If you are someone who uses too much of spices and salt in your cooking, gradually reduce the quantity. Too much of spices and salt are not health-enhancing.

8. Avoid storing your food and ingredients in plastic containers. Plastic containers have a lot of harmful chemicals, and they impact health negatively. Go for steel or glass containers.

These are some tips that help you cook food at home in a healthy manner.

The food from outside home can look more colorful or sometimes even taste better than home due to the many harmful chemicals added like MSG, and outside food can also become addictive at times – again due to the harmful ingredients used. But if we truly care about our health and wellness, we should gradually reduce the consumption of outside food and rely more on homemade food as Kareena Kapoor does.

We can hire a cook if we are short of time. But it’s worth taking these steps about the food we are eating because our health and fitness are very much dependent on the food we eat. This important aspect of life should not be outsourced or neglected.

Take care! Happy home cooking!

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