How TV Series/Online streaming platforms impact your mindset


Spending your weekend watching shows or movies online is one of the most common things today. Online streaming platforms give us the opportunity to watch hundreds of shows at the comfort of your home. With times technology has offered multiple opportunities which changes consumer behaviours and viewership. While it seems a boon, there are a set of drawbacks or challenges we have to deal with. The stories or narratives of the content these platforms display are very strong. Content that is so strong and which is delivered in such a personalised medium can surely impact your mindset, while it is nice if it uplifts you, it is problematic if it influences in negative ways. Where you tend to take references from these stories and connect it with real life. 

There are so many platforms and so many narratives that are made with the intention of generating interest in you. This interest and attraction can take a toll on your mindset or put your mind through a certain amount of stress or anxiety that is totally born out of watching this series online. Hence, it is really important we understand the purpose of watching something, it is for entertainment right? For you to unwind from the day-to-day routine, for you to spend some time taking your mind off the regular stuff that you are constantly thinking of. Hence, when our purpose is clear we must identify how much we can see something because it is surely different for different people. Some people watch strong content and immediately divert their minds once they are done watching. It is more like a switch-on, switch-off mode thingy. However others might take a couple of hours or even a couple of days to get over it. Hence it is important you identify what suits your mind and what doesn’t. 

Age is another factor, today’s young generation is exposed to more media than any of the members of the older generations were. Kids of 10-12 years have access to content, and so they are more prone to get addicted to the content than the rest of us are. Hence as parents or elders we have to take steps to limit the content and keep an eye on how influenced they are with the content. There are so many instances of children being influenced by superpowers and they have tried jumping off their buildings hoping to fly in the air. This is the kind of impact these shows/series can have on children. Parents use these shows as the means to keep the child occupied while they can finish their tasks, however we need to understand that this can lead to certain negative circumstances.

Coming back to college goers and youngsters as they are the ones that have the easiest access compared to all the other generations as they are more technologically equipped and knowledgeable. They just start earning money and so they just start taking charge of their life, these series can give them all sorts of ideas, both good and bad. More often than not we hear the bad ones. Hence we need to understand, however real these stories might seem, they are still scripted and are still reel not real. Hence, identifying the purpose of consuming such content is absolutely necessary. It is made for us and so we must understand that we are supposed to regulate how we watch, the content on the platform should not persuade you to do things. 

Three tips to regulate your viewership

  1. Stop, when you have to!

You know exactly when to stop and what not to watch, you know what triggers you and what entertains you. Hence, be strong enough to resist and restrict yourself, this is where you learn from past experiences 

  1. Binge watch? Maybe not always. 

Sometimes, some shows and narratives really excite us, we enjoy it, So it is absolutely okay if you are enjoying something. But if you feel like everything is nice and you are binge watching almost all the shows, then you are inviting a problem for the future. You have the possibility to reach a phase where you find yourself getting influenced. So, yes enjoy as long as it makes you feel good. 

  1. Watch something light hearted after you watch strong content 

This helps a lot, this way your mind is easily distracted from the strong content that you have watched. This way even if you see something that strong, your mind is automatically calmed down. 

It is important we enjoy the benefits of the time, but just like any new invention or discovery in history, everything has its fair share of good and bad. The smart or the wise ones enjoy the good and omit the bad, because they want to enjoy. This happens only if you make this choice consciously. Be smart and wise, enjoy everything, learn but do not be impacted by it negatively, as it could cost you a lot. Here’s hoping that we all do the best we can from here on to regulate.

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