How to keep your Kidneys healthy and happy!

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The three most vital organs in your body are the kidneys, liver and heart. These three organs have to be specially taken care of. Hence, we have to ensure that we do not let our lifestyle choices impact any of these organs for the consequences could be severe.

Kidneys are fist-size organs that assist with some very important functions in our body. Be it maintaining hormone levels or taking care of potassium, sodium and bicarbonate levels. Hence, we have to keep checking that the kidney is functioning efficiently. 

In case you have developed disease with the kidney, immediately consult a Nephrologist and start with suitable medication. This will help in reducing the progress of the disease. With kidney-related problems, you should not delay consultation and you shouldn’t try alternative treatments as it can lead to increased problems and complications.

  1. Reduce your weight

Obesity is the enemy of any disorder. In the case of the kidneys, overweight impacts negatively. Hence, always monitor your weight and remember what is required here is consistency in exercise and diet and not drastically reducing a few kilos and then forgetting about it. Your body needs adequate exercise so that your kidney is not pressurised and has less to bear. Weight is very bad for people with kidney disorders because it increases the impact of the disease and makes your kidneys weaker. To maintain a healthy kidney, reduce your weight and keep a strong mindset. 

  1. Maintain good levels of blood pressure.

Blood pressure levels have to be maintained correctly for your kidney to function effectively. High blood pressure is certainly not good for your health. Usually, 120/80 is considered as the correct blood pressure one needs to have. But anything above that is bad for your kidneys and hence you must be careful about your blood pressure. The core reason for increased blood pressure is stress. We take so much stress in our day to day lives that we do not realize how we are impacting our bodies. Hence, do not take stress in your day to day tasks and learn to value your health, mental and physical. High blood pressure levels will tamper your kidney and can also damage it in severe cases. 

To maintain good blood pressure levels, adequate exercise is suggested. Even simple exercises like walking can maintain good blood pressure levels.

  1. Smoking and Drinking

A person who smokes or drinks regularly is already vulnerable to kidney disorders. However, continuing these habits after being diagnosed with a kidney problem is very dangerous. Both tobacco and alcohol have a negative impact on not just your kidneys but other vital organs like the liver and heart too. These organs reduce the blood flow towards your body and your kidneys. Strictly stop these habits for a healthy and happy future.

  1. Test your kidney function regularly 

Monitoring the changes your kidneys undergo is the best way to assess how your kidney is functioning. It is very important that you do this. There are chances that you do not experience any pain or that you do not see any change. In such cases, testing becomes very essential for you. Hence consult a doctor regularly and identify a good lab near your house to check your functioning regularly. Measuring it on time helps you identify and prevent any possible damage. Hence test, treat and cure.

Kidney problems are very crucial because as an organ kidney performs many essential functions. Hence, as individuals, we must be extra cautious about keeping our kidneys healthy. Kidney disorders have been seen across the world, among people of different genders and among people from different strata of society.  Adequate care is very important and at the same time, caution and care should be rightfully taken. 

Never be afraid to face a challenge. It is in our hands to solve our problems and keep everything in control. Worrying or panicking can only worsen things for you, it might alter your blood pressure, increase your stress and further damage things for you. Hence, do not fear, instead, take charge of your problem and accept the situation, take guidance and counselling and it will surely improve things for the better.

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