How to deal with COVID Anxiety


The pandemic has shook the entire world. Some really harsh situations have cropped up and many people have succumbed to the virus. A lot of people have also been able to fight and win over it. Living in the midst of all this is creating anxiety and tension in everybody’s minds. How do we deal with that and live our lives peacefully and happily? 

Here’s a list of those things that you can keep in mind, going ahead. 

  1. Follow the norms: Right from the WHO portal to the national government websites and other credible sources, there is a huge amount of information on the do’s and don’ts, understand the rules, follow the precautions, this will ease the stress and the anxiety you have. This is not only great for your body but equally good for your mind. 
  2. Follow a routine: Eversince the pandemic has hit the world, most of us are either working remotely or at home, or have taken a break. On that note, let’s be grateful to the ones that are working in the healthcare and other essential sectors risking their lives. So, let’s follow a routine, starting from when you get up, to your work timing, in case of homemakers, your time for  household chores, plan everything. Spending enough time with your family, just because you are working at home, doesn’t mean that you need not take out time for your family. This will keep your mind happy and satisfied. Time your day out and stick to it, unless it is extremely essential do not disturb the time table. 
  3. Regulate your news time: With smart phones popping notifications round the clock, it is very easy for you to read all the tragic incidents and feel low about it. Yes, it is important that you know what’s happening around, but it’s equally important to not let it impact your mind negatively, it should not instill fear or make you upset, it should only keep you informed. The best thing to do here would be to turn off your notifications and read news updates for a little while and not through the day. This will keep you informed and at the same time you’ll not be feeling low and disturbed.
  4. Talk to people, connect with them regularly: Our friends, family members, relatives they all are there for you to have a nice chat with. Again, do not make this a COVID themed chat, recollect your old memories, the good times you spent, the holidays you went with them, the fun times in school/college and so on. This will uplift your mood and keep you happy and hopeful and if somebody you talk to is extremely anxious about the situation, then, calm them down by distracting them. Talk to them regularly and this way your mind will be full of positive thoughts and free of anxiety and stress.
  5. Only if there was time: We all tell this all the time right? How I wish I could water my plants everyday or how I wish I could paint everyday and so on. Well, this is your time to do it all, whether it is a daily diet regime you weren’t able to follow or a hobby you always wanted to take time out for. You have the time now, so do it. Do not consume your day with your work alone, take out time, it will keep you mind and body motivated. 
  1. Change yourself: We all are going through these challenging times, that day will return where things will go back to normal, where you’ll have to go to office everyday, you can travel, watch movies in the theatres and so on.When you get there, how different are you going to be? Let us think on those lines. Let us take this opportunity to push our limitations to become our strength, let us come out of this stronger, smarter and wiser. Every situation we go through, be it good or bad, provides us an opportunity to better ourselves, we can change our attitude, our mindset, our habits and work on ourselves to become a stronger version of ourselves. If you have become better as a person, it is when you can call yourself successful. 

The anxiety, stress and worry we get because of the situation is real and it is human. Therefore, while we have to think of coping mechanisms, we shouldn’t be in the same zone of worrying all the time. Things have to change with time, dark clouds have set in, but they’ll have to go away. Nothing lasts forever and so COVID wouldn’t either and so do not make the thought of a virus to make you feel low and dejected. This too will pass by, we are in this together. Until then, stay home, stay safe, stay smart. To a happier tomorrow. 

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