How do you keep yourself occupied in a Sabbatical!

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Due to stressful work routines of exhaustive tasks at work for longer periods of time we tend to take breaks or sabbaticals from our work. Most often than not, we are clueless about how we spend this time. It is important that we take this time to unwind from our previous hectic routine and get ourselves into a new regime in the future. It is utmost important that we spend this intermediate time in activities that prove life changing. 

Sabbatical is usually a very tricky period. You look forward to it and when you actually get to that time you tend to be taken aback with the amount of time you are left with. To keep a plan of action is a must, especially for sabbaticals as it can get too boring or could go haphazard. The Plan of Action should include all those activities that you have always wanted to do and especially those activities that need the most attention. 

Here are a few tasks you can pursue to keep your sabbatical meaningful and purposeful.

  1. Focussed Health Regime 

Health regimes are challenging to follow in the start and due to our stressful routines, knowingly or unknowingly we tend to overlook our health which costs us a lot in the future. Hence, use this time to follow a strict and disciplined health regime where your diet and your exercise are well taken care of. When you practice this new health regime thoroughly, it will be easy for you to include this in your routine even after you start working. A good regime will have a balanced diet, all over the day, good physical activity which could include exercise or sport and a healthy mix of entertainment and relaxation along with your main routine.

  1. One Hobby

There is always that one hobby that you always wanted to pursue, but you don’t get the time to do it. Well, this is your time to do it in full zest. It could be singing, dancing, cooking or playing an instrument, or a sport of just visiting places or photography. It could be literally anything under the sun. You should not be discouraged by your age or the time or any other factor. Get yourself out there and pursue this activity to your heart’s content. 

  1. Self-care routine. 

Look at yourself carefully and analyze which aspect of you physical or mental needs healing and rejuvenation. Analyse your flaws and work on your strengths both physically and menrally. When you come out of this stage, you are sure to emerge. Heal out of old scars and accept and embrace your true self. This is what self care is all about, to take care of every bit in you for you to thrive in your natural state of mind without any hindrances.

  1. Plan Of Action

It is also very important that you pen down a plan of action where you write down your goals and your means to achieve them. This will also have a list of activities that have to be a part of your day and a list of activities that you should not. Follow this plan of action sincerely until you have succeeded. You have to keep small milestones and take one step a day for you to succeed. Giving yourself a pat for reaching every milestone will keep you motivated and satisfied.

  1. Meditation and mental well being 

Meditation is basically looking inwards and retrospecting life in a very mature manner, which will ultimately benefit you in every way. Calm these running thoughts in your mind, put your thoughts to rest and mellow down for the refined sense of calm. Meditate, look inwards and the truth you need to know will present itself to you. Life will flip upside-down. 

  1. Spend good time with family and friends

We all have a family around us, our parents, spouse/partner, siblings, children, friends and people that matter. In our regular hectic routine, we realise that we actually spend very little time with each one of them. It is only times like these that we realise and so we should spend good quality time with them, we need to talk about things that we have always wanted to share and ask them to share the things that they have been wanting to tell us. This will make the relationship strong, beautiful and magical. 


These are some ways to spend your sabbatical time. However, nobody understands your life, as well as you do and so realise what needs the most attention, make the best use of your time and you are sure to have an incredible mental transformation. 

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