How consumption of tobacco impacts your life


Tobacco consumption has been a part of many people’s lives not just now, but from ages before. Today, on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, let us spread awareness of the theme of Quitters are Winners. 

Let us look at ways to stop smoking and how your change becomes a part of your life. 

  1. You are not independent anymore, you are dependent: You are happy and so you want to smoke, you’re sad and so you do the same. What’s the difference between the two, the habit manages to leech on all your emotions and to the extent that you feel dependent and hence find happiness in real things, in helping people, in celebrating achievements and not in habits that are temporarily pleasurable but in the longer run bother you with chronic diseases that are life threatening.
  2. Never fall for the habit: If at all one has the habit, it is because socially the person has been introduced either in peer groups or at the workplace. The person who sets you up for the habit is never in the picture of your life, but your family and friends who really care for you suffer when they see you in a condition that is saddening. Hence, right from the start you should avoid such friends and such consumption.
  3. It’s never too late: Some think because it has been decades since they have been smoking, it is impossible for them to letgo. No doubt, it is really hard for them indeed, but it is never impossible and therefore take the first step anyways, you might fall but stand back and imagine when you cannot keep your habit in control how will you manage work, family and all the other responsibilities you have got. So, one must not hesitate to stop the habit. 
  4. Regulation: It is understood that drastically getting rid of a habit is difficult but gradual reduction should not take forever. Hence, regulate your habit and that is your first step to quit it. Regulate and eventually quit. 
  5. Medical Help: In extreme cases, the habit might have taken over one’s mental health to the extent that they might find it difficult to do their regular tasks, take medical help, there are so many who have taken it and are leading happy and beautiful lives. They have rekindled the innocence and beauty of their life

Like it is always said that even honey is excess becomes poison. If a substance in limited amounts can cause this much harm, then it is bound to cause damage when it is taken in excess. 

Understanding yourself

Anytime you feel lost in the habit or do not understand what to do next, seek psychological help. Talk to experts or people who care for you like your family members, close friends and relatives and may be even a psychologist. This help is valuable and will keep you sane and will ease the process for you. 

Remember everyday is a chance, a day wasted is gone, but you have another day right after, focus on making it productive and free of any unusual influence. 

Some good steps to take. 

  1. Avoid that company: Avoid the people with whom you share the habit. By avoiding them you avoid the habit too. In case you are really close to them, meet them in places where you wouldn’t be tempted to consume tobacco. This will keep you out of any influence. 
  2. Exercise: When you are leaving a habit, you have to do something to compensate for its effect. Hence, exercise is a great distraction and does good for you in leaps and bounds. Running, yoga or any sport or even gymming or training can bring positive effects. 
  3. Hobbies : Your hobbies are closer to your soul, you resonate with them, it could be reading, singing or dancing or even playing a musical instrument or art and craft etc. It is an activity that takes you into it and it proves therapeutic in keeping you at bay. 
  4. Be around the right people: Despite all the measures, there are times when you feel like taking a ‘U’ turn, the best way to curb these cravings is to be around loved ones, could be children, old aged parents or best friends etc. 
  5. Talk to people who have won over this: Yes, there are examples, talk to them, you’ll hear it all from the horse’s mouth and it is a major motivation for you. 
  6. Mental Strength: At the end of the day it is all in the head, a matter of mind-play, so gather the courage and strength and keep your mind focussed. Remember that it is a small aspect of your life, but changing it will bring great changes in the way you lead your life and the others in your life.

Quit the habit before it gives alarms. How will you know what is there across the bridge if you do not cross it? Once you cross the bridge, get over the habit, you’ll realize what you missed one because of the habit, but it is only when you reach there that you’ll understand what it means. 

Quitters are Winners!

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