How can we keep the environment green and clean!

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How can we keep the environment green and clean!

The 5th of June is marked as Environment Day, to raise awareness about the deteriorating green cover in the land due to the activities of human beings. Even though a lot of us live in cities, there is a lot that we all can do or should stop doing in our day to day lives to do our bit to save the environment. 

We need not wait for global laws to make us pursue good habits. We must think that this world, the ecosystem we live in, is what enables our life. If we ruin every small and big thing around us then what are we actually leaving for our future generations. Sustainable development urges you to not deplete the resources that are currently available so that our own children and grandchildren can live in peace and enjoy the love of nature. It would be painful to see a world that fights for natural resources like water, which are available in abundance today. 

The ecosystem you live in includes yourself, the plants, animals and all the other beings and so anything that you do impacts all of them equally. Human beings because they are intelligent they find their smart way to protect themselves from natural calamities which is often due to their activities. However as we see nowadays the intensity of natural disasters are increasing and is washing away livelihoods across different places. Hence it is time we balance things out and make it comfortable for all of them to live naturally in this habitat.

So, here are a few things that you can do to make the environment happy and thriving, for yourself and the beings around you.

  1. Make your surroundings green

It does not matter if you live in an independent house or an apartment, you will always find spaces where you could plant trees. Hence, plant trees in your surroundings. This is a good way to keep your environment in balance. It does benefit you and the people around you too. Make it a point to plant a new sapling every few months. 

  1. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

Almost all the electronic waste, all the industrial waste is because we discard everything once they give us even a  little problem. This increases the amount of waste we generate. Instead, as far as possible use all your appliances and try to repair them. Reduce the amount of waste generated and follow practices of dry waste and wet waste as it helps in disposal and the right waste can be efficiently recycled. 

  1. Follow eco-friendly practices

Setting up a bio-gas plant or a solar panel on your terrace can reduce your dependency on other resources. Your solar panel can make use of the natural solar energy and make your rice, instead of your electric cooker. You save electricity in the process and you will not waste the solar energy.

  1. Say NO to plastic

We are all dumped with plastic all around us, we should strictly say no to plastic and replace it with plenty of other good options. From plastic covers, cups and plastic boxes we are used to using and throwing plastic based articles. Helps replace them with steel vessels, carry a box for parcelling food or a water bottle for carrying liquids, the bottle should be steel or some other material but not plastic. As far as possible reduce your dependency and usage on plastic.

  1. Reduce pollution 

Adapt to the car pooling system for regular vehicle usage, use public transport like busses and trains to reduce the pollution levels. Adapt to diesel based vehicles that cause less pollution. Further, try to keep one four wheeler and one two wheeler, do not buy a fleet of vehicles.Try to keep less number of air conditioners in the house as they release Carbon Monoxide which is causing a negative effect on the ozone layer. Further try using cycles for shorter distances. 

  1. Take care of natural habitats 

Forests, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, beaches, rivers, lakes etc. All of these places are rich in biodiversity and our activity could harm the ecological balance. Do no not litter beaches as it could affect aquatic life, do not throw away wrappers and litter the forest areas, always stand against illegal activities like poaching of wood etc that bothers the natural habitat. 

It is in our hands to preserve the environment and if we do it with faith and determination we can expect a future where everything is efficient and sustainable. A live example here is the automatic cleaning of the Ganges during the lockdown, the ganga had so many projects planned to keep it clean and preserve aquatic life, but none could bring in as much difference as the lockdown did. Nature needs to be left in its original and undisturbed state and as global citizens we have to facilitate this change and then our environment shall thrive in its natural aura.

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