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Sanitize: Sanitize till the pandemic is eradicated: Cleanliness is godliness, we have always made our efforts to abide by this norm, with the pandemic lets follow this more appropriately, work in synchrony and sanitize our hands, our surroundings, make people follow this norm. Today, sanitisers are available in bulk, in the form of sprays, semi-liquid, liquid etc. We have to take advantage of the situation and sanitize every nook and corner of the house. This can protect you from the pandemic and ensure your good health in the long run.

Masks are your shield for the covid war: Wear your masks throughout, a lot of health workers who have been serving endlessly have not succumbed to the virus only because they have been wearing their masks. They are your shield to protect from the danger the virus carries with it. Many people tend to not use their masks and do not follow the norms which are increasing the spread of the virus, as citizens we have to be responsible and follow the regulations to enable a world free of the virus and make it truly healthy. 

Maintain Social Distancing: Social distancing is another way of maintaining good health. We do not know who is carrying the virus or who is positive. But, we can certainly keep ourselves safe by not meeting people in public, by reducing our visits to public areas, places of worship etc. Many times even if we do not test positive, we might be a carrier of the virus, which possesses a threat to our aged family members, people in our locality and so on. 

Work from Home: While many workplaces are operating regularly, a lot of them have an option to work from their home. It is suggested that we make full use of the work from home and help to stop the spread of the infection. Work from home might have some minor challenges but no challenge is as big as facing the infection and so we must be wise and keep it in our mind that we go our only if it is extremely necessary.

Get your regular necessities delivered: Many make this excuse of going to the market in this testing situation with apps and services you really do not have to go out. You can order your groceries with the click of a button.

Aged people in the family?  take special precautions: If people are above 60 in your family, could be your parents, grandparents or uncles and aunts, take special care, make them take basic vitamins prescribed by a Doctor. Do not let them visit public places, avoid guests at home, this does not make your guests feel bad or demean them, it is only to ensure that nobody suffers your visitors will understand the seriousness of the situation and understand where you are coming from.

Eat correct, exercise regularly: Your diet and exercise define your physical and emotional existence. Always eat what is good for you, do any form of exercise and ensure your body is balanced and not leading you towards any unhealthy habits.

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