Health benefits of maintaining good sleep timing and quality of sleep


Sleep is very essential to our life cycle. It is the body’s idea of refreshing and rejuvenating. We must make it a priority to sleep on time, just like we make all other activities a timely priority. Not only that, sleep should be for definite time and good quality sleep. 

Below are a few points that show the positive impact sleep has on you

  1. Your mind and body are healthy and fresh: When you have a good night’s sleep you will certainly feel that kind of freshness and energy that will help you get through the day happily. You are fresh and you can think and execute an active plan for the day.
  2. Concentration: Concentration is a game changer, it doesn’t matter how long you have done a task for, your concentration levels should be definite and should make you able enough to complete a task in a smooth manner in a given time frame. Sleep enables that kind of concentration, if you have had a good sleep the night before, you are bound to give it your all the next day.
  3. Internal processes: It is when you’re sleeping that all internal activities in your body take place, your body gets time to digest and unwind from the processes it has been through in the day. A quality sleep is very essential for every part of your body, your bones, your organs they all need the correct amount of care and taking rest is important for all of them. 
  4. Sleep takes your mind off things: Everyday is different, it is possible that your mind is constantly stangnating over an issue and is not able to find a solution for the same. Well, here’s the key, the only thing you have to do here is to just trick your mind to put you to sleep thinking that it’ll be fine the next day. When you get up the next day, your problems might remain the same but your mind thinks laterally and you are active and energetic to deal with issues differently.
  5. Maintaining timely sleep: It is important to have a quality sleep but it is equally important to sleep for a minimum of 7-8 hours a day. If you do not, you are wasting the possible potential your body possesses in doing regular tasks. In many ways, sleep defines your overall energy and enthusiasm for the day ahead. 
  6. Exceptional cases: In certain cases, it is possible that people are fighting health issues and therefore their sleep pattern might be irregular, it could be over sleeping or sleeping really less. These cases are dealt with medically, since many might be on medication or medical care in general. Even old age can reduce the sleep hours you typically need, it could also be possible that you split your sleep in the afternoon and in the night. 
  7. Can you sleep in the noon? : Well, broadly it is your choice, but however, it is considered better to sleep properly only in the night and probably take quick naps on your couch for 15 mins or half hour during the day. Sleeping excessively during the day, without any major reason does has no known positive impact, therefore, unless you are really tired or sick, it would be healthy to maintain a timely sleep pattern in the night. 

Now, here is a list of things you must refrain from, in order to have a good sleep. 

  1. Staying awake on phone/laptop all through the night: Many feel that they are taking rest by doing so, in reality they are actually putting the body through more stress and strain. People often tend to go to bed early in the morning, which impacts their sleep negatively. 
  2. Not having a definite sleep pattern: You sleep for 9 hours today and sleep for 4 hours the next day and the day after you sleep again for 10 hours and all in varying times. This is something you should refrain from doing. Sleep should be timed as per the need of the hour. You should maintain a disciplined schedule.
  3. Binge eating: Eating at odd hours unless necessary should be avoided. It could cause discomfort in yourself, even if it doesn’t now, in the long run it is sure to show its negative impact on your sleep and on you. 
  4. Planning your exercise right before you sleep: When you exercise your body is active and gets tired once you finish exercising. However, it takes time to rest, it is suggested that you plan your workout sessions at least 3-4 hours before you go to bed, for a safe and sound sleep.
  5. Do not sleep watching your phone: This millennial habit of watching the phone until you aren’t sleepy is going to stop you from having a good sleep, when you watch so much of content, your mind is invariably active and there are high chances that you will not be able to have a peaceful sleep. 

Sleep is an integral aspect of your health and well being. It provides you with the right amount of rest that your body requires, while we should do our best to regulate sleep, we shouldn’t do anything that disturbs the natural balance in the body.

Sleep well!

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