Guide to maintain adequate personal hygiene


Hygiene is extremely important to maintain. A good healthy routine with the right steps to maintain good hygiene keeps you healthy and happy. We perform many activities in a day and it is important that in our hectic schedule we take out time to maintain good hygiene standards personally. This is very important because it keeps you peaceful and elated. 

There are some personal hygiene habits that all of us need to have. Bad hygiene standards are easily visible and often leave an unpleasant impression professionally and personally. How clean you are is determined by how clean and tidy you look. Hence we have to ensure that we are neat and clean. 

Below are some key tips to maintain good hygiene. 

  1. Have a good bath, Everyday!

A good bath includes using a nice soap and washing every part of your body with care. Starting from your hair, use a good shampoo and rinse your hair gently. Use the soap gently on your neck and remove any dirt that has assembled there. Rinse your face gently with a face wash and rub with a soft towel gently. Take special care for high sweat areas and ensure that they are clean. Also, the elbows and the kneecap area usually tend to dry, hence wash them. Also, ensure that you are using warm water for your bath as it will open up the pores on your skin. Having said that, too much warm water can prove to be harmful, especially for your hair. Overall, have a pleasant bath every day to maintain good hygiene standards.

  1. Mouth Hygiene and Breath 

We have about 2-3 meals every day. After our breakfast, we usually leave home and so we wash our mouths thoroughly. After our lunch, which is mostly at work, we must be sure that we wash our mouth thoroughly, for it can be bad if you are meeting some client or a third person and your breath smells. Our food contains rich spices and vegetables like onion and garlic that leave a strong odour in your mouth. This could make your breath smell. Hence always carry a pocket mouthwash or gargle your mouth with water at least 4-5 times after the meal. Furthermore, our breath might also smell in the day, even without having anything, for this too use a mouth freshener or wash your mouth. For people who are in the habit of smoking, ensure that you have gum after every smoke, for it is not good to walk around with the smoke smell all over your place of work. 

  1. Understand your body 

We know how our body is. How much we sweat or how our body is when it is cold around and so on. We have to ensure that at any point in time, our body doesn’t smell out of sweat. Always use an underarm roll-on, powder or perfume every day. See what suits you the best. Also, if you feel like one round of perfume in the morning does not suffice then carry a pocket perfume and use it whenever the need arises. For women, while you are on your periods, use a pad that is suitable for you and that lasts for a longer period of time. Ensure that you are always carrying one at the time around the probable date of your periods. Our body always needs to be attended to. It is essential that we understand our bodies.

  1. Skin and Nails 

Our skin is the most important part of our body. It is the most vulnerable to the weather conditions around. We have to ensure that our skin does not get too dry in the winter and too oily in the summer. We must take good care of the skin. Use a moisturiser that suits you. Parts of the skin that are not exposed to the sun need special care. Like your intimate parts. If you develop any rashes or an allergy to your skin consult a doctor immediately. Nails should always be trimmed in regular intervals. If you are interested in growing them and painting them, then ensure that they are clean. There are chances that food particles might settle in. So, keep them clean, wash them with water and clean your nails with a tissue. If your hands get too dry or your nails get too dirty then get a manicure done.

Maintaining good body hygiene is the secret to a healthy and happy life. Having a hygienic life does not mean spending a great deal of money on yourself. It only means keeping your body neat and clean for your own benefit. A clean body and healthy mind can do wonders!

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