Decoding “Health”


Health is wealth, and we should not compromise on that under any circumstances. Nourishing your body with the right vitamins & minerals, thoughts and surroundings is extremely important. It is your primary responsibility to take care of yourself and making yourself a priority doesn’t make you any less of who you are. 

What is Health? 

Health signifies your entire state of emotional and physical well-being. 

When we said Decoding “Health,” we meant it literally. 

Here we have decoded health for you in simple terms so that you value it and do the right things to embrace it. 

H – Heal the body of ailments

E – Eating what’s right

A – Adapting to new and consistent health regimes

L – Living life to the fullest

T – Try Try Try

H- Humming to the tunes of life

H – Heal the body of ailments

We live in times where more than half of our time is spent working in stressful environments, deadlines, and other professional commitments. In our personal life too we have several problems, like taking care of our children, our elders, meeting our financial commitments. Hence, we need to ensure that we heal our body from any ailments that we might accumulate due to our lifestyle or take care of ourselves in such a way that we do not fall prey to any physical health issues or at least possess the strength to overcome issues that might affect us.

Even if situations and challenges impact our health we need to fight them, because health is all about healing.

E – Eating what’s right!

Often we end up thinking that eating right is a complicated task. We must understand that eating right is not a task but it’s a lifestyle that one must adapt to live a healthy, happy, and ailment-free life. Eating right can begin with inculcating a few simple steps in your life. To begin with:-

  • Cut down on your sodium and sugar intake
  • Start cooking your meal 
  • Stop eating junk food 
  • Focus on eating more vegetables, fruits and whole grains 
  • Stock your pantry with healthy food and munchies

Eating healthy or regulating your diet is for your good will definitely show a reduction in weight or increase in immunity. But, this in any way does not mean sticking to unhealthy ways to reduce food through intensive dieting or consuming products without the consultation of doctors. 

A – Adapting to new and consistent health regimes

Change is constant. It is important for you to adopt a better and healthy lifestyle to keep yourself going even at the hardest. A consistent health regime will provide you fuel to adapt to new changes and give you the excitement and joy of happy living.  

Here are a few tips to help you adopt and stick to a healthy regime 

  • Start with realistic expectations
  • Think of things that really motivates you 
  • Keep unhealthy food and habits out of your life
  • Avoid ‘all or nothing’ approach
  • Carry healthy snacks 
  • Keep changing your exercise routine 
  • Don’t let travelling detrail you 

L – Living life to the fullest

Maintain your cool. Stop taking stress for every little thing instead start enjoying every moment of your life. Happiness comes from within and doing whatever makes you happy is one of the keys to a healthy satisfying life. 

Start doing things that you always wanted to do like watch that movie, visit that restaurant, purchase that dress, visit that place, have that ice cream or take that road trip. Live life to the fullest because you only have one life and no one else is going to live it for you. 

T – Try Try Try

Trying is the key. There is no one mantra to a successful lifestyle. You have got to try what suits your mind and body and then curate a lifestyle based on your experiences. This can happen only if you are willing to try to the best of your abilities. Those who fail are the ones who never tried anything new. Trying is the virtue of optimistic people, so try out various regimes, read new things, invest in new experiences. Seek knowledge and understand everything around you, this can bring in a profound change in your life.

You fail and you bounce back. That’s the circle of life, don’t let anything or anyone stop you from achieving your goal. Try, try and try till you reach your target. Make trying your habit.

H- Humming to the tunes of life

Life has a natural rhythm to it. It is different for everybody. You understand the health needs, the emotional needs of your life. No two people have the same situation. It is different for different people. Understanding your life for what it is, is extremely necessary. Self-love and self-care will keep you happy enough to make others happy and joyful. Customisation and curation of everything as per the needs and demands of your life is a must.

Health is precious and it will benefit you only if you take steps consciously to resolve it. Take your first step today!

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