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Circadian Rhythm


Are you always feeling tired, lazy, moody and impatient? Are you losing your cool too fast? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. I felt the same at one point of time. After I was done with college, I felt a pseudo sense of freedom. So, I started waking up late.

I’d help Priya and Mahesh with their studies. This one time, I was sound asleep. Priya came to me and woke me up regarding some doubt. That was it. I yelled at her so badly that she started bawling. Then my elder brother put his arm around her and said, ‘Don’t ever wake up Manju when she’s asleep. You know that she doesn’t like it. Come. I’ll help you’

He took her aside. When I saw Priya tear up, I felt really sad. My heart broke, you know. I knew I was a loving and kind sister. Where was the anger coming from? I didn’t get it. That’s when I realized that ever since I started waking up late, I began to turn lazy. No patience at all.

Then I realized the connection between us and the Sun. I wish somebody told me that. Actually, someone did, you know. My grandma would remind me every day. No waking up late! But I never listened.

Why does your grandmother insist on waking up early? Is it because every creature on this planet starts its day with the sunrise? Or because the Holy Vedas preach so? Or because Sage Patanjali swears by it? Our culture always stressed the importance of waking up early. There are many positive aspects to it.

The current generation thinks quite practically, right? Like my daughter for example. It could be about anything in the universe. ‘Can you prove it?’ is her favorite line. Yes. I’m ready for you. Science backs my statement. It’s the ‘Circadian Rhythm‘.

‘Circadian Rhythm’ is nothing but our biological clock. Our body is invariably connected with the sun. We might ignore the fact. But our body doesn’t. When you wake up early and watch the sunrise, sunlight penetrates our eye balls, triggers a few receptors, signaling us that it’s day-time. That’s when our brain decreases the melatonin levels, increases the cortisol levels, giving us a heads up that it’s time to be alert and energetic.

Similarly, post sunset, it increases the melatonin levels and decreases the cortisol levels, reminding us that it’s time to rest. Spending 20-25 minutes in the sunlight boosts the neuro-transmitters in our brain, keeping us in a happy mood throughout the day. Also, if you can include some movement during this time, like walking or yoga, it’s goodbye to sleep inertia. You won’t feel lazy anymore.

By listening to the chirping of birds under the sunlight, we can inculcate present moment awareness easily. Our ancestors were instinctively aware about the Circadian Rhythm. They would wake up to the chirping of birds and the sunlight. But, because we tend to wake up late in our modern lives, we don’t get enough sunlight. Likewise, due to staying up late at night, we’re exposed to artificial light for long periods. This disturbs our Circadian Rhythm.

Majority of the modern-day diseases like Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, Excessive Daytime Sleepiness – they’re the complications of disturbed Circadian Rhythm. If you want to stay healthy, diet, nutritional habits and exercise aren’t the only solution. Circadian Rhythm is highly important.

Even the greatest of visions is useless if you don’t execute it. That is, take appropriate action steps. So, what are the action steps? Wake up early. Then, spend 20-25 minutes in the sun light. Add movement to it – like yoga or walking.

So, shall we wake up early in the morning from tomorrow? Happy Waking Up Early!

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See you.

Manjula Ghattamaneni

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