9 tips for a healthy kitchen

healthy kitchen

Home is the place that relaxes and recharges a person. No matter how wonderful the outside world is, nothing can come close to being home. Having a safe, beautiful home is one of the greatest joys of life. We spend a significant portion of our lives in our home, and our state of well-being depends on the kind of products we are using daily in our home – from toothpastes to cookware to cleaning products. These products determine our health. Out of all these products, one segment of products which directly impacts our health is cookware and the health of our kitchen.

The healthy kitchen is a sacred place that feeds the entire family and plays an important role in the family’s health. In Feng Shui, the healthy kitchen symbolizes health, abundance and wealth. It is the heart of the home, which nourishes and rejuvenates the family. So, keeping this place healthy is important. 

We all clean and keep our kitchen tidy every day. But this is not sufficient since we are living in the age of chemicals. We have many chemicals all around us, and most of these chemicals are toxic. These toxic chemicals are unknowingly consumed by us day in and day out because of the kind of products we are using.

We use various cookware in our kitchens like cookers, vessels, storage containers, pans, cups, glasses, tiffin boxes, etc. We might be using best ingredients for cooking, and following healthy cooking practices like not deep-frying, cutting down sugar consumption, avoiding maida, etc. but if we don’t take enough care to maintain toxic-free cookware, our efforts go wasted because most of the cookware sold in the market carries toxic chemicals which are harmful to health.

Let’s take a look at this common cookware and kitchen products around us, which are toxic and ways to replace them with healthier options.

9 tips for a healthy kitchen

1.Plastic cookware – Today, plastic is everywhere. It has become a common practice to store ingredients like pulses, oils, and other stuff in plastic storage containers. These containers come in various attractive shapes and colors and enhance the aesthetics of the place. They also come for less price. They are everywhere, from tiffin boxes to storage containers to bowls. But these plastic containers have several toxic chemicals like BPA, which seep into the food and cause health problems like hormonal imbalances, obesity, reduced fertility, etc. Some plastic stuff which we need to replace around us with healthier options are as below.

1. Plastic water bottles – Replace them with stainless steel bottles or copper bottles or glass bottles. 

2. Plastic tiffin boxes – Replace them with stainless steel boxes. It’s ok if you become an odd man out by carrying a steel box. At the end of the day, health is wealth.

3. Plastic bags to store vegetables and fruits – Replace them with cloth bags.

4. Plastic storage containers – Replace these with stainless steel containers or glass containers. These containers might be costing higher when compared to plastic containers, but it’s a one-time investment that brings health benefits to you and your family.

5. Plastic cutting board – replace it with wood cutting board.

Wooden cutting board

6. Plastic cups – Replace them with ceramic cups or steel cups.

For every plastic item you have in the kitchen, there is a better alternative like ceramic or clay or steel or iron or glass. Just search online, and you will find many healthy alternatives.

2. Aluminum cookers – These are commonly used in cooking. When aluminum cookware is used, aluminum seeps into our system and poses several health risks like dementia, Alzheimer’ disease etc. Replace aluminum cookers with stainless steel cookers. 

3. Non-stick pans – We all love the ease of making those crispy dosas on non-stick pans. But non-stick pans carry a chemical named Teflon, which releases various toxic gases when heated. These toxic gases can pose many health risks. Replace this pan with an iron pan or ceramic pan or clay pan. Yes, initially, dosas may not come so perfectly on iron pans like they come on non-stick pans, but with patience and some kitchen hacks, you can create the same magic on iron pans or ceramic pans too and with the bonus of good health.

4. Plastic water cans – In cities, plastic water cans for drinking water have become the norm and unavoidable. Search for ways to replace these plastic water cans. If it is not possible to replace, at least pour the water from a plastic can to a stainless steel vessel or pot and use this water for drinking. Don’t leave the water to stay in plastic water can for hours together. We are 70% made of water and 

5. Aluminum foils – These are easy to wrap and store foods, but aluminum can leach from these foils and enter food, thereby becoming harmful. Replace these with stainless steel boxes.

6. Dishwashing liquid or soap – Most of the options in the market for dishwashing are loaded with various harmful chemicals like triclosan, phosphates, etc. Replace these with eco-friendly dishwashing options. With the help of essential oils, you can prepare an eco-friendly liquid at home.

7. Cockroach repellents – These repellents generally come with harmful chemicals like Permethrin, cypermethrin, which cause respiratory diseases, coughing etc. Replace these repellents with eco-friendly variants.

8. Air fresheners – Again, commercial off-the-shelf variants carry several harmful chemicals like toluene, xylene, etc. Replace these with eco-friendly air fresheners.

9. Kitchen cleaners – Most of the kitchen cleaners too carry toxic chemicals. Be sure to use eco-friendly kitchen cleaners, to avoid kitchen being filled with toxic chemicals.

These are some ways in which you can make your kitchen healthy. It takes some time, effort, money to revamp your kitchen, but it’s worth it because of the benefits you and your entire family will gain. A healthy kitchen makes a great difference in our lives. Start revamping your kitchen step by step, and very soon, your kitchen will transform into a place of health and peace. Your kitchen will become a place of inspiration for you and your family members to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Wish you and your family all the health and peace.

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