9 fascinating benefits of meditation for mind

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Our mind creates our life to a great extent. This mind power is what differentiates us from other species in this world. This mind power is what makes each of us unique. All the greatest inventions and discoveries are the result of mind power. Our mind is the creator of our thoughts and emotions. The thoughts and emotions that we choose in a situation determine the direction of our life. Are we choosing happy thoughts or unhappy thoughts? Are we choosing optimism or pessimism? Many of us may not be conscious of this, but we all choose our mental and emotional state every day and thereby create our life.

When we are under stress and don’t know how to handle the stress, we make poor choices in terms of our thoughts and emotions. We get upset about little things, and we miss the focus and concentration. When our mind is not sharpened and well built, we feel weak within and lack the strength to pursue our goals in the face of obstacles. 

When we meditate, our stress levels come down. Our mind gets sharpened, and we choose better thoughts and emotions. It is not an exaggeration to say that our life’s direction can change with meditation

Below are the 9 benefits offered by meditation for our mind.

1. Clarity of thought and better decision making: Life has hundreds of choices. If we want to buy a small product like toothpaste, there are so many choices. What about bigger things in life like marriage, career, etc.? Out of these many choices, how do we know what’s right for us? Many of us get confused and don’t know what to choose. 

When we meditate, we get connected with our soul and get the guidance and wisdom, which helps us make the right choices in life. We get clarity of thought and thereby make better decisions. Clarity of thought and better decision-making capability make us better leaders and better individuals.

2. Control over thoughts: For the majority of us, our thoughts are beyond our control. Even when we don’t want to think about something unpleasant, thoughts keep running in our minds. We keep remembering our past. When we meditate regularly, after a period of time, we gain control over our thoughts. We can choose our thoughts, which brighten our life and discard those thoughts which don’t add value to our life. This is a great freedom in life. 

When you gain greater control over your thoughts, you can consciously use your thought power in creating a new business or an invention or a new painting or a song. All the great inventions and businesses in the world are built by people who have sharpened and used their thinking capacity.

3. Control over emotions: We don’t want to be angry, but we lose our temper. We don’t want to be hurt or feel sad but end up feeling sad. Can we choose our emotions? Can we gain control over our emotions? Yes. Regular practice of meditation helps you achieve better control over your emotions. The greater control you have over your emotions, the better your life becomes. Many of the relationship problems – be it with spouse or boss – are due to a lack of control over one’s emotions.


Emotions play a great role in our life, and when they are beyond our control, they can impact life negatively. Emotional mastery is one of the biggest assets in life and can make you super successful in life. Meditation helps you gain emotional mastery.

4. Creativity: Our mind starts becoming creative when we meditate regularly. This creativity helps us find solutions to problems, invent something new, create a new business, bring new ideas, etc. Creativity is what keeps life exciting and new. 

5. De-stress: Stress is common in the modern-day and it is everywhere. It is in the workplace, at home, in a queue, in a supermarket, etc. When the mind is under stress, it cannot function at its best. When stress becomes a constant part of our life, life feels overwhelming and mundane. Regular meditation de-stresses the mind and recharges it. It gives a break from constant stress and releases the accumulated stress in body and mind. This de-stressing helps in better health physically, emotionally, and mentally.

6. Helps in handling emotional and mental ailments: Meditation acts as a great aid in handling and overcoming various emotional and mental ailments like anxiety, depression, worry, suicidal tendencies, etc. It is an invaluable tool that helps in these issues of the mind. 

7. Inner peace: No matter which profession we pursue or how much our bank balance is, we all aspire for one thing at the end of the day: it is inner peace. Inner peace makes our journey of life worthwhile, and meditation helps us in gaining inner peace.

8. Improves your personality: As you meditate regularly, you tend to become a kind, compassionate, intelligent, patient, tolerant person. Your personality goes through a great transformation, and you discover a new you with each passing day of meditation. You discover the better side of you, and this personality transformation starts transforming other aspects of your life like health, relationships, success, etc.

9. Improves the ability to focus: In the modern-day, attention span has reduced, and the ability to focus has become rare. But the focus is very much needed if we want to be productive in work or find solutions to a problem or invent something. Our success rate is higher when we can focus on work for long periods without getting distracted. Meditation sharpens the mind and gives us the ability to focus better.

These are the nine benefits of meditation for our mind.

Our mind is a great asset given to us by the divine. When we sharpen it and use it for the right purposes, we can make a tremendous difference to the world and our own life. The quality of our mind determines the quality of our life. So build your mind power using meditation and transform your entire life.

To read more about meditation check out this book on meditation. Wish you and your family peace!

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