8 tips to take care of your blood pressure

Checking blood Pressure

Blood pressure issues have increased over the years and the main reason for this is the bad lifestyle choices we make. To add to it our job roles are equally challenging and bother us. 

Below are 8 tips to take care of your blood pressure.

  • Lose extra weight

One of the most effective ways to lower your blood pressure is to lose weight. Maintaining your BMI will help you lower your blood pressure and keep your health maintained. So remember to walk that extra mile to shed that extra pound from your body. When your weight is higher than what it is supposed to be then it leads to higher chances of blood pressure issues especially when you age. Hence, take up some exercise that you can follow every day because consistency is the key. Even if you develop blood pressure issues, the simplest of exercises like walking can maintain good levels.   

  • Maintain your diet

Maintaining a good diet is very important for your overall health and more importantly for your blood pressure. High salt, high sugar, carbs, saturated fats, and processed foods are one of the major causes of blood pressure. So, start reducing salt, sugar, processed food from your diet and increase the intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and high protein food in your diet to lower your blood pressure. 

It is always suggestible to take consultation from a Doctor or Dietician. Searching for diet plans online can possibly cause more harm than good. Because there is no credibility for online resources. Hence, planned regimes by experts are the best. 

  • Say No, to smoking and drinking 

Drinking and smoking are habits that cause harm to many organs of your body in the longer run. With the excessive intake of alcohol and tobacco, you might develop issues with your blood pressure and hence you have to learn to first regulate and then eventually quit these habits. It has to be a conscious decision you take and remember we are the ones to take up habits and we alone can get rid of them. It will never happen tomorrow or later in the future. 

Drinking and smoking can create imbalances in your blood pressure. So cutting off the habit of smoking and drinking will help you lower your blood pressure and add numbers to your healthy life. So, today and right now, say no to smoking and drinking. 

  • Monitor activities that give you stress

Stress causes extreme harm. Today we live in extreme circumstances and hence we have to monitor the activities that give us stress. Stress causes blood pressure levels to rise. Situations around us do not change, but we have to take a call to change our response towards what is happening around us. Stress whether imposed externally or by ourselves causes only harm and it can harm us only as long as we take it, hence always remember no situation is worthy enough to ruin your mental peace.  

  • Lowering your stress lowers blood pressure.

Try meditation, music, dance, reading books, or any activity that helps in reducing stress for a healthy and happy life. 

  • Keep checking your Blood Pressure regularly 

Depending on how severe the blood pressure issue is, you have to monitor it. If it is severe then it is better you purchase a digital blood pressure monitor at home, if it is fairly moderate then you can get it checked at the nearest hospital probably every 15 days and so on. Monitoring your blood pressure helps you maintain it and gives you caution whenever it increases. Regularly checking your blood pressure will help you stay away from heart-related issues and lead a stress-free life. 

  • Exercise consistently (Consistency over Intensity)

Consistency is the only thing that keeps you going. Working out mildly for 30 days is far better than working out intensely for 10 days. When you have Blood pressure issues you must make it a point to work out every day. Further, there are exercises that aren’t good for you, have an instructor who is aware of your condition and gives you the right condition. Meditation and yoga can prove highly beneficial for it balances your mind and the body. 

  • Sleep for at least 8 hours 

A sound and uninterrupted sleep of 8 hours is a must. Before sleeping, do not see your phone, instead, read a book or play a game of chess so that your mind is free of any unwanted thoughts and you can sleep happily. It is important that you do that because sound sleep ensures a healthy body and a healthy mind. Hence get rid of all the unwanted thoughts before you retire to bed. 

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