8 Tips To Stay Healthy This Winter!

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Winter is here. The season of cold breeze, hot food, and long sleep hours. The season is liked and enjoyed by all of us and with this enjoyment, we should also be responsible to take good care of our health and not let the cold weather impact us negatively. 

Let us remember the Corona Virus is still around and people are still being impacted and so we must be alert in taking good care of our minds and bodies. 

Keep sipping on warm water 

Warm water is always good. There are people who have warm water round the year because it really does good for your body. It keeps you away from any form of congestion or cold, which you are likely to get in the winter season. It eases any blockages in the nasal passages and increases digestion and most importantly keeps you warm and away from shivers. So keep having warm water in the right quantities and sail through the winter.


Exercising and taking care of your health is important and should be done round the year. What happens in winters usually is, due to long night hours and the cold weather we tend to sleep for long and ignore our exercise regimes. When we get back in the evening we are not motivated to workout. This will eventually go on for a couple of months. What we should do here is work out a little later in the day or make up our mind to exercise in the evening. Not working out is not an option. Exercise makes our body flexible, mind calm, and facilitates so many functions in the body that are very essential for our long and healthy life. Even getting up early will not be a problem if you maintain that kind of discipline. 

Wash your hands regularly 

Viruses are more active in low humidity and in winters the humidity levels are low and therefore we have to be more careful. Wash your hands every now and then and ensure that you maintain adequate levels of hygiene at home. Wash your hands before and after meals, wash them when you are back home after an outing or work. Wash your hands when you receive your stuff from delivery. Use a good quality hand wash and always carry a hand sanitizer with you wherever you are going. 

Wear warm clothes 

What clothes suit you the best depends on the temperature of the place in which you live. Typically many regions in the north and hill stations are very cold and the temperature often goes below 0 degrees in some regions whereas tropical places do not experience such low temperatures. So depending on the temperature, wear suitable clothes like sweaters, jackets and woolen clothes. Also, one thing we often tend to forget is the fact that we have to close our ears with cotton or a monkey cap, because many times the cold air gets on to us because the ears are open. Some even experience ear pains. Hence, to avoid any problem, cover yourself correctly.

Sleep well 

Winter already facilitates good sleep. Once you get into the warm quilt and that cozy pillow, you are sure to sleep in peace.  But ensure that you are not on the phone for too long, as it may impact your mind and the quality of your sleep. Instead, replace using a phone with reading a book or any other alternative habit and then sleep efficiently.

Vitamin D 

Vitamin D boosts up your immune system. In winter due to low humidity, viruses are more active. Hence you have to ensure that your body has an adequate amount of vitamins. Sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D. Ensure that you are going to walk early in the morning for at least fifteen minutes between 7 to 8 and enjoy the benefit of vitamin d to natural sunlight. Fish, egg yolks, and mushrooms are some very rich sources of Vitamin D. Keep yourself fit and eat the right food. 

Have healthy and warm food

It is important that we relish and consume healthy and warm food in winter. A hot cup of soup or a hot bowl of vegetables with bread soothes us the most in this cold weather. As Christmas and New Year enjoy flavorsome cakes and desserts that will melt in your mouth. Healthy and happy food will keep your gut healthy and your minds and hearts happy.

Moisturize your skin regularly

Skin is a very important part of your body and is very fastly impacted by the weather conditions around you. In winter your skin is bound to become dry and moisturizing is a must. Use a good moisturizer twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening before you go to bed. This will prevent your skin from drying and any peeling due to dryness. 

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