6 Ways To Tackle High Blood Pressure


Hypertension or Blood Pressure is the circulating blood pushing against the wall of the arteries. The blood pressure naturally increases and decreases round the clock. A high increase in blood pressure levels is hard to identify and if it is left untreated, it could cause considerable damage. You have systolic and diastolic blood pressure, systolic identifies pressure when your heart beats while the diastolic measures the pressure between your heartbeats. 

Maintaining optimum blood pressure levels is extremely important for healthy living.

Below are a few tips to tackle hypertension. 

  • Nothing is worth the stress you take 

Stress is one of the key reasons why many people develop blood pressure issues. When you stress your mind, your body too bears the brunt. We might not realize the impact immediately, but over time you will realize the long-term impact stress has on your body. When there is a rise in your blood pressure, it starts to negatively affect your vital organs such as the heart, kidney, brain, and eyes.

Reduce the stress you take and just think of challenging times as passing phases. Make your mind and body strong enough to not succumb to any stressful situation. Keep your mind strong, boost your confidence, replace fear with faith, and do not let any external factor disturb your inner peace. 

  • Keep a check on your weight 

People who are overweight are more likely to develop blood pressure problems. The only solution to increase weight is a planned diet and exercise. Refrain from stress eating, binge eating, junk food, and fried food items. Another important factor is to cut down on sodium from your diet. Choose balanced and healthy home food. Take up basic exercises in the beginning and gradually increase the intensity. The good part here is from the time you start exercising and consciously eating, your blood pressure levels start becoming normal. 

Being overweight is a result of genetics and primarily lifestyle choices. When your weight is on the higher side you are putting your body at risk and making yourself more prone to blood pressure issues. Stop worrying and start working on your body to lead a life without hypertension issues. 

  • Regulate the intake of Caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco

Research has stated that people who consume alcohol regularly are at a higher risk of having increased blood pressure levels/hypertension. Excessive intake of caffeine or consumption of tobacco can be equally harmful. Drinking multiple cups of coffee can increase your blood pressure and will start harming your heart and kidney in multiple ways. Hence, regulate your intake to avoid serious problems in the future. Generally, adults over the age of 65 are at risk of hypertension. However, unhealthy lifestyle practices can make it happen even earlier. 

  • Have a good night’s sleep

Not having adequate sleep is directly linked to an increase in blood pressure levels. When you sleep well, your blood vessels are healthy and they keep your vital organs healthy. Disturbed sleep is linked with unhealthy lifestyles or mental health issues. If you feel like you are unable to sleep well for a long time, you should consult a doctor and fix the problem.

  • Managing hypertension with other health conditions 

Many health issues like diabetes, kidney-related issues, and heart problems can give rise to hypertension issues. In such cases, it becomes extremely important that you maintain your blood pressure levels so that you do not fuel your problem further. People with such health conditions should be careful about taking their medicines regularly and should check essential parameters as prescribed by the doctor. 

  • The best way to deal with hypertension: Management 

The good part here is that by managing and regulating your blood pressure you can ensure that your body is the least affected. If you have hypertension, purchase a BP machine and keep checking it regularly. Ensure that your BP does not cross 120/80. In case the BP increases, you can immediately consult a doctor. Hypertension sprouts from a bad lifestyle, stress, or health conditions. A bad lifestyle can be fixed with good exercise, a healthy diet, and regular monitoring of your blood pressure. Taking medications regularly and maintaining a good lifestyle is the key to controlling and preventing hypertension. 

“Stay healthy, eat healthily, exercise regularly and that will help you stay away from high blood pressure” 

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